Monday, November 16, 2009

Lifestyle changes are T-O-U-G-H

I have made it one month on this total lifestyle change.

I have to pause for a minute.


H-A-R-D. T-O-U-G-H. But I have made it one month and I have to announce, I feel awesome!!

If you are not aware of what I am doing, I am trying to create a new, healthier lifestyle that will keep me around a really long time. ;-)

It all began with me 1. wanting to get my blood pressure back in order 2. get back that body I used to sport. lol

I found a few ways that work for me, and I am happy to report - I have dropped one pants size in one month. No, I have not weighed myself, but I went shopping for a new pair of jeans - and it was painfully obvious, time to go down one size. WOO Hoo!

Here are some of the things I have done:
1. Drinking only water and sometimes hot tea. (I allow myself one soda a week.) The truth is, I have slipped up a few times and grabbed a double espresso - but it was only 2 x in one month. Much better than every day!

2. Completely cut meat out. The diet my cardiologist put me on is a Mediterranean diet. Red meat only once a month. Chicken maybe once a week. Fish often. But for me - I decided to cut it all out. I don't like fish, I am not a big fan of chicken, and red meat and pork are no nos... sooo. Also. ... Yes yes.. here it comes ... I am moving a bit more to the animal activist side.. sloooow process. (I am sitting on a leather couch. But I really feel bad about it. :-( )

3. I am eating more middle eastern foods and dishes. High fiber, high in Omega 3 fatty acids and definitely tasty.

4. Using spices instead of salty seasonings.

5. Cut out fried foods. Yes, I have slipped up about 4 times in the month. But what an improvement!!!

6. Obviously exercise - I am not doing as well in this area. But I have been super sick most of the month. Now that I am better, imagine the improvements!!!!

So - I wanted to share, but I also wanted to admit it has not been easy. I miss my potato chips and dip (which I have NOT had all month.) Hard, Hard, Hard.

But I am trying... I am trying..

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