Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dark Shadows

I have spent a better part of my night and morning watching "Dark Shadows" on Hulu. This is a 1980's evening soap opera based on a governess who moves to Maine and falls in love with Barnabas, a 200 year old vampire.

Kind of creepy - kind of silly.

All in All , I love it!

I have watched tons of good programs: 30 Days (documentaries), Cracked Not Broken, Dancing with the Stars, Mad Mad House - and a few others. Yes, I found a way to entertain myself for the past 4 months without cable or any form of television.

Boys and girls - recession has lifted. We will have cable installed (with premium channels) on Tuesday. *sigh* feels good. Nice lesson learned. One that involves living on almost 1,000 less a month. Wow. Miracles do happen.

I am back to normal and excited to be able to pay the bills and do more. It's nice. Really nice.

That's all really. I have nothing of interest to share today. I know my writing has been more "reporting out" versus discussion oriented. I am just trying to take it easy, deal with some things and move forward. Yes.. move forward.


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