Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Turn for the worse

I am not sure what happened between yesterday at lunch and this morning - but I am beginning to feel BAD again.

I was sooo tired last night. Which - that is nothing unusual. I am lethargic between 3 & 7pm . However, I started a new med last night for the BP , so I was a extra tired.

BUT - in the middle of the night I started FREEZING. Straight up, crazy cold. At 5:30am, I decided to take my temperature and yes, I had a fever. YIKES. I took two Tylenol, took a warm bath, wrapped myself up in my thick robe, and proceeded to crash on the couch.

Then - about 7:30 this morning, I woke up sweating profusely. I guess the fever broke, but I still feel sooooo tired.

I know I have been trying to cut out the caffeine, and have done a wonderful job for over 3 weeks, but I think today - I need a pick me up.

I wonder what my body was fighting off last night??? I have been on antibiotics for the past ten days for my sinus infection, and yes - it cleared it up. I wonder if something was left behind, and my body was working on it.

Odd, Odd, Odd.

Okay - enough of that.

Trying to wake up - if only I could see straight. ;-)

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