Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This or That - Would you agree?

Want to get to know me better? Want to know what I would choose? Here you go:

chicken or steak? Steak - though I am saying no to meat these days. But the smell of a juicy steak grilling is amazing.

cream cheese or cottage cheese? cream cheese is yummy

lima beans or kidney beans? Lima beans with a dash of pepper and a splash of vinegar

rice or potatoes? Potatoes!!

tomatoes or green peppers? Green Peppers - but not so much.

salt or pepper? pepper - I like a little spice.

zesty cheese dorittos or nacho cheese dorittos? Zesty!!!

white bread or wheat bread? White - without the crust. But no, it is not good for me, I know.

spahgetti or lasagna? Spaghetti

gum or lollipops? Lollipops

ice cream or frozen yogurt? Ice cream

popsicles or ice cream? ice cream

wings or ribs? WINGS

beer or wine? Wine

beer or cocktails? Cocktails

wine or champagne? champagne

spahgetti or angel hair? angel hair

sausages or bacon? bacon - but I have given up meat - and pork.

scrambled eggs or fried eggs? scrambled

swiss cheese or cheddar cheese? cheddar

regular yogurt or frozen yogurt? regular- plain - greek style

Trident or Excel? Trident

hot cereal or cold cereal? hot cereal

grapes or cherries? grapes - frozen

apples or oranges? apples

bananas or apples? bananas

lemons or limes? limes

carrots or celery? celery

regular cheerios or honey nut cheerios? honey nut

frosted flakes or corn flakes? frosted

coke or pepsi? hmmm... tight competition

7up or sprite? 7up

root beer or dr.pepper? dr. pepper

dairy queen or baskin robbins? dairy queen - I am old school

pig meat or cow meat? neither.. got to let it go.. got to let it go.. (my new mantra)

potatoes or sweet potatoes? regular

Mars bars or Snickers bars? neither.. yuck

watermelon or cantalope? watermelon

cantalope or honeydew? cantalope

mangoes or starfruit? neither

white milk or chocolate milk? neither

coffee or tea? coffee

milk in your coffee or cream in your coffee? cream

cappucino or coffee? cappuncino

alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic drinks? either or.

honeycomb or alphabits? honeycomb.. wow.. miss that stuff

popsicles or freezies? popsicles

chips ahoy or oreo? chips ahoy

oreo or fudgeeo? oreo

turkey or chicken? chicken - but not a lot.. again.. saying goodbye

romaine lettuce or iceberg lettuce? romaine

broccoli or brussel sprouts? neither

stuffing or cranberry sauce? sauce

egg nog or cider? egg nog

cake or pie? pie

cheesecake or chocolate cake? cheese cake

pizza or garlic fingers? pizza

pizza pockets or pizza? pizza

regular pizza or dessert pizza? regular

sundae or blizzard? sundae

mcdonalds or burger king? mickey d's

kfc or wendys? NEITHER.

mcdonalds or taco bell? Taco bell

sweet n sour sauce or barbeque sauce? BBQ

subs or tacos? tacos

fruit loops or fruity cheerios? fruit loops

juice or kool-aid? juice

mild cheddar or old cheddar? old

water or milk? water

pop or juice? pop

pomegranate or papaya? pomegranate

soup or stew? stew

white rice or brown rice? neither

granola bars or chocolate bars? granola

fruit by the foot or dunkaroos? neither

peas or carrots? peas

peppermint or spearmint? peppermint

milkshakes or smoothies? milkshakes

pink popsicles or purple popsicles? purple

barq's root beer or a&w root beer? NONE

apple pie or pumpkin pie? Punkin

cherry pie or blueberry pie? blueberry

coconut cream pie or banana cream pie? banana cream

jello or pudding? pudding

chocolate pudding or vanilla pudding? oh no... umm.. vanilla

plain chips or salt n vinegar chips? salt n vinegar

onion chip dip or dill pickle chip dip? dill pickle

chocolate sauce or butterscotch sauce? butterscotch

fruity flavors or chocolate flavors? chocolate

brocolli or cauliflower? cauliflower

fruits or veggies? veggies

pancakes or waffles? pancakes

regular toast or french toast? feench toast

jam or peanut butter? PB

honey or maple syrup? honey

chicken noodle or vegetable soup? veggie

cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup? neither

pop tarts or toaster strudels? strudel

grape kool aid or orange kool aid? grape

ketchup or mustard? mustard

mustard or relish? mustard

mayonnaise or miracle whip? NEITHER

hamburger or cheeseburger? cheese

hamburger or hot dog? hot dog

skittles or m&m's? m & Ms

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