Monday, August 24, 2009

Moving.. in another direction.

I am still going to document my little "look back" quest - but for now, I have something to talk about. Something real. Something pivotal.

Transitions. I am always griping about having to change this, or do that. I need to increase this or decrease that. Transitional.. always...

But I am sitting on the edge of yet another transition. What I have decided to do this time is a little different. I am going to wait - and look for signs.


Now - let me explain this a little better. Things are moving in a general direction. My Egyptian is here. I like my apartment. I like my car. I love my friends and fam. Bu there is one little slice of the pie that has become less than pleasurable.

I will let you guess what that is.

Originally I was upset over my new-found disdain and lack of enthusiasm for this piece of the puzzle. Then I decided to try to work it through. Now I am waiting for the sign. The sign to transition.

I posed the question heaven-ward - and stated: "IF THIS IS WHERE I NEED TO BE. THEN MAKE IT CLEAR. IF IT IS NOT - SLAM THE DOOR IN MY FACE."

I have something happening Wednesday that will answer this question for me.

I will have to wait.

Trust. Hope. Faith. These are the words of the day.

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