Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feb 09 - Historical Happy document

Here is a simple list of things/people/places/events that make me smile.

My Happy List:

1. God. Yes, I must say this first. My complete well being and peace comes strictly from God. That means.. the following will be the people/places/items he has put in my life to make me smile:1. Yasser. I am beyond in love with this man. There are simply no words for our connection. Just thinking about him makes me SMILE. When I talk about him - I SMILE. Imagine how I will be once we are together - side by side again - WOW.

2. The sun shining when I wake up. I LOVE to wake up to bright light (natural) in my home. That is why I chose white sheets, with a white comforter - I love to feel like I am waking up on a cloud - soooo soft, and bright!

3. When my cat Lestat goes into predator mode. He is such a little vampire - and adorable. I love the fact he was the last kitten picked out of a litter- not the fluffy cutey kind - just a cat's cat.

4. The dragon, aka Autumn. Autumn is my niece and she cracks me up. I love to make her "hiss" like a dragon. It makes me laugh.

5. Sitting by the beach. How can you not smile when you hear the waves crashing into the sand - or the sea gulls swooping by. I LOVE it.

6. Finishing a really good book. Man - I love the sense of accomplishment, and the journey and the inspiration from it all.

7. Dancing - and for now, my Flamenco Class. Everytime we attempt something really hard, and we are dancing, and caught up in the music and moves - it is such a wonderful feeling.

8. The little man who sits on the corner of Lorna & Rocky Ridge. He apparently is working for Little Cesear's Pizza - but no matter, rain or shine, he is in his wheel chair, holding up his sign and always singing a song to himself. He brings a smile to my face everytime. He just exudes happiness.

9. The color pink. The color light blue. The color lime green.

10. Karaoke singers. I cannot help but laugh and sing along.

11. When someone pays me a genuine compliment. The key word is in that sentence..

12. One glass of wine. Always brings a smile to my face.

13. When people genuinely understand me. You either get my humor or you don't - I love to realize I have a REAL connection with someone.

14. When Yasser says "HABIBI!" really high

15. When Islam laughs

16. When Crystal chuckles

17. When Lynn gets mad and says EVERYTHING with a smile. LOL

18. When Keli does her little happy pose.

19. When friends leave really great comments or send me really sweet messages.20. When Telisa does her "cheerleading" head shake.

21. When I reconnect with an old friend.

22. When I pray about something so deeply - then go to mass, and the priest gives his homily and it speaks directly to me

.23. When Telisa puts things in perspective for me.

24. When Dave used to say "Chello!"

25. When I think of my dear long gone friends - Ashley and Mike

26. When I think of Laura trying to teach me the "running man" in high school. LOL

27. Anytime Yasser smiles at me.. I BEAM!!!

28. When people seem honestly happy to see me!29. Getting my hair styled. I LOVE a day at the salon!

30. Getting dressed up and going somewhere!!!

31. Parties.

32. Balloons

33. Fireworks

34. Boats. Put me in or near the water and I am smiling!!

35. Going to the movies

36. Receiving catalogesand finally - knowing I can make someone's day a little brighter always puts a smile on my face!

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