Tuesday, August 25, 2009

September's Resolutions

Historically September is the single worst month of the year for me. I have serious issues with September. I believe that some where, at some time in my life, someone put a spell on me in the month of September. Apparently I did not get the instructions on how to break the bad spell - and now I have annual issues.

I have decided, in high Nicole fashion, to do something about it. Transitional - no way. This is re-defining.

I have to break this nasty course of ill-will planted upon me.

Meningitis, Hysterectomy, Financial down fall, job changes - all of these things plague me in September. People are meaner. Funds are are lower. My hopes slowly fades.

How can I change this month that follows me around like an evil, twisted little demon. I have no choice but to endure it for 30 days. THIRTY LOOOONG DAYS.

My idea is to do a transformation. I will re-define and create September "New Month's" Resolutions. I need to make sure I do this annually- to turn this helluva month into my very own transformation!

Below I will include my plan. I will see where all of this leads. *Disclaimer - I never follow thru on anything - but let's see if there can be a change.

My September Resolutions For Transformation:

1. Exercise - again. Some how I fell off the wagon (literally, I have a chronically sprained ankle.) But I have got to move. Must Must Must. Not so much to lose weight, even though I need to, just to feel the energy and make my heart a little healthier.

2. Daily Devotion. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I buy books to force me to spend a little time in "the word" (as people call it.) I need to schedule time to actually do this. I never forget to eat to feed my body. I need to read -to feed my soul.

3. Volunteer someplace new. I always add a little activity each year. Last year I became a youth leader at church. The year before I became a dog walker at the Humane Society. This year I would like to serve the under privileged. Need to do a little research on a group that does not get as much attention (as say - a Jimmy Hale mission.)

4. I want to do something about this immigration BS. I am quite the little advocate - I think I need to hook up with my friends who try to make things happen. I am going to jump on that band wagon and try to push for a change.

5. Clearing up some past debt. Yep. Piece by piece. Starting with the IRS. Oh yes - I have an ex-husband who left some things for me to clean up. Let's pretend this is tennis. I filled out some forms to protect myself - the ball is in his court now.

6. Work. Either re wake the spirit that brought me here - or make some changes. Something has got to give.

7. I WILL learn to sew. I put this on my list each year. I have got to learn to do it. I have sooo many ideas - yet, I can't even sew a button. Someone out there will help me. I guess I need a machine first.

8. I want to do a mission trip. Where do I look?

9. I will head back to dance class. Flamenco - here I come. I promise- Sept.

10. I want to take some photography classes. I found a program online - 16-months. I am seriously considering pursuing this. This is for the future.

11. Change this cynical little attitude of mine. I realize I will always be cynical - but I can add a little encouragement also. I am capable. I just choose the wrong avenue to take.

12. Get those little things fixed: head back to the dentist, go to the gyno, get that mammo I avoided last year - work on the other little body parts I keep putting off.

13. Re-planting my herb garden. I need to brush up on container planting. (Since I do not have a yard.)

14. Find a yoga or meditation class.

15. Yasser has seen many pics with my hair long - and has asked for me to grow it out. I can do that.. let's see what will happen in one year!!

16. Head back to the theater. Some way.. some how.. head back where I belong.

17. Paint this apt. If I plan on staying here.. (which remains to be seen) - let's make it home.

18. I need a 5-year plan. I make strategic plans for work all the time - what about my plan??

19. I want to plan a BIG family trip. Surprise them all.

20. Clean out my storage. Time to simply.. and Go Green. Can I do it??

Okay - I have myself 20 very lofty goals. Can it be done? I think so. I believe I can try to do some of these things. I did forget one thing - learn arabic. It is happening slowly.. but I really need to make a concentrated effort.

No more BAD September. No more negative feelings. I need to empower myself to kick September in the bottom - and make things awesome!!


Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

Wow!! I would be pleased to just accomplish one of those goals, don't be too hard on yourself trying to accomplish all. The best one is staying in "the Word' of course. Is there a Bible Study that you can sign up for? That helps me. I know that I need to read to be prepared. (I now head a women's small group) There is nothing like falling on your face on a Friday morning in front of 15 or so women to make you ready to prepare for the next week. I will pray right along with you that God will cause us both to have a hunger for the Word that only He can cause.
You mentioned walking. Or maybe it was exercise in general. I was inspired when I saw the pics from the heart walk. Know that I am on that same journey with you. I have to do something. Maybe we can pray together about that too.
I love to read your blog. Real life from a real woman, not someone pretending!!!

Nicole Thurston Abdou said...

Misty - are you networked on Facebook for your blogs? If so, I would love to add you to my page. I love reading your "thoughts" and "teachings." I agree - I need a little prayer to make some changes. I will keep you in mine also. Who knows what will happen! I just cannot stand September!


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