Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happiness is relative - July 16, 2009

This morning I simply felt like writing a note. Honestly, I have nothing of major interest to share. I just felt like writing.

My life is quite normal and quiet these days. I get up. I make coffee. I take a shower. I gobble up some turkey bacon. I drive to work. I work. I run a few errands. I attend volunteer type activities and fundraisers. I call friends. I visit friends. I cook dinner. I watch tons of movies. I go and see a band or two from time to time. I spend time with Yasser.Life is finally in order.

Thank God!

I still get annoyed very easily. It is a curse of mine. I have very little patience. Yasser said something very interesting the other day - he noted that when I want to be nice, he says I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Then he added, but when I want to be rude - he says I am the rudest person you will ever meet. LOL.

Bless his heart. He gets to live with this.It is always interesting to learn what other people's perception of you are. If I could have a little "crawl" that would float across my forehead that would state what I was thinking, I am sure everyone would understand me so much better. ;-)Which brought me to the next thought - Nicole 101.

Yes. I think I should come with an instruction manual. Once it is read, you should sign the bottom and get it notarized that you understand why I do what I do.So I have decided to come up with the top ten ways to make me happy and sad.

Enjoy this ridiculous Top Ten List:


1. Smiles. Smiles go a looooong way with me.

2. Make eye contact. Let me see that you are listening and paying attention.

3. Actively engage in conversation with me.

4. Be in pursuit of pleasure. (Meaning - you are up for a cup of coffee, or a quick stroll at the mall, or let's throw in a movie. I like to have fun. So - be willing to have fun.)

5. Show compassion. In general. I like when people care. Apathy is boring.

6. Have a belief system.

7. Be fascinated with the world around you.


9. Be open to change.

10. Spontaneity is key!


1. To be disagreeable. Always.

2. To be a "one upper."

3. To be self absorbed in conversation.

4. To offer too much advice.

5. To be ignorant. If you don't know, that's fine. But don't form an opinion without at least trying to get some facts.

6. Don't hurt animals.

7. Don't push your beliefs or needs on me.

8. Don't let your kids run crazy through my house. LOL

9. Do not assume you know me.

10. Do not patronize me.

I guess that would conclude this silly little note. Just felt like writing. About nothing.. really. Have a great day!!

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