Saturday, August 29, 2009

I will just smile.

I am trying to figure out how to motivate to enjoy this beautiful day.
You would think the fabulous weather mixed with a day packed full of exciting activities would just thrill me.
However I am just plain too tired.
I definitely did not get enough sleep last night and I am paying the price today.
Everything is bothering me lately - and I really need to shake it off.
I am heading to Alabama Adventures today (an amusement park) with Crystal, Yasser and two little kids Crystal was a nanny for. I am going to try to soak in the sun, get spun around a few times and just laugh. Another great surprise - Telisa is coming up for a visit. We have decided to not tell Yass - and really surprise the heck out of him.
You would think with all of these great activities I would be excited - but I am the opposite. I am TIRED. It's like - my brain is happy, my body wants to sleep.
Hopefully after I get some coffee in me.. that will change. It usually gives me a completely different personality!! Sad - but it is an amazing factor in whether or not I am in a good mood. So time to DRINK UP!
Spent a lovely evening (I always feel like I should say lovely when I spend time with my english friend) with Julie and her husband Doug last night. They live in a fantastic old home in southside (which is the historical residential side of downtown Birmingham.) They have a magnificent porch we all sat on - drank wine - while Yass played the guitar.
Okay. Motivation it is. Good Mood I will create. Just got to get off this bed first....

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