Friday, January 9, 2015

Living Life

2015 has not disappointed, thus far! My job is fantastic, my personal life is good, and I am connected where I want to be connected.

I sort of disappeared for a while, here from the blog. I was transitioning and adjusting to my new life.
Normally, I would have shared with you all of the fun little stories and pictures, but I needed some things to just be as they were.

However, I want to share with you all of the things I have been "adjusting" to! I think you will like it.

Spending the last night on the Gulf (just a week ago) in Panama City. My Sweet Guy and I went for a walk after dinner. 

I finally got to see how someone picks out a Christmas tree! I've only ever had artificial ones (allergies,) and my Sweet Guy's girls are seen here carrying them to the truck!

Things were looking beautiful at the Cannonball House. Here is Nora's bedroom - and a "homey" tree. 

On New Year's Day, S.G. (aka Sweet Guy) and I sat and watched the sunset on Mexico Beach. 

Early December, I teamed up with my friend Stephanie. She wanted to throw one of her tea parties - but she wanted to do it on a grand scale. I opened up the Cannonball House for her!

This is where I work. My office is the second floor - right hand windows. :-)

S.G. lives on a 400+ acre farm. This is the little dock leading to the fishing cabin on the property. This has become a wonderful retreat for me. 

Meet Sweet Guy - aka S.G. He came up to Macon for a visit and we had dinner at Buca di Beppo

Just relaxing and enjoying my little tree. 

We had an Ole Time Christmas at the Cannonball House. Here we have some staff and volunteers dressed in period attire, singing Christmas carols. 

I spent last Friday shopping, eating, and exploring Apalachicola, Florida. 

Met up with my friends from Leadership Macon at a local restaurant called Twang. 

S.G. helped me put my tree together. Here we are just relaxing with cocktail. 

More Leadership Macon folks meeting up for lunch at Twang. 

Starting the new year off in Florida. 

Found a bucket of sponges in Florida

S.G.'s youngest daughter is Mistress of the Saw at the tree farm. 

Had probably the best martini of my life - Grey Goose vodka, pureed strawberries and a mint sprig at The Shrimp Boat. 

Bacon wrapped scallops

More of the decor for Christmas

S.G. with his daughters visiting me

We had a lovely Christmas party at the house. 

Made my first gum drop tree!

People dancing the Virginia Reel

Took S.G. to Ingleside Village Pizza with his girls. They LOVED it. 

Check it out - Father Christmas and his wife!

I took SG and his girls to Dauset Trails. 

Then we went to the Museum of Aviation

More period  attire at our Christmas party. Old South for sure!

More Leadership Macon lunch shots

Many of the lovely ladies of Macon toured the Cannonball House after tea. 

I had another article in Macon Magazine. About Otis Redding's son!

Brunch at my sister's home for Yule. 

The cabin on SG's property. He built this with his father.

Party Bus heading to Port St. Joe, Florida on New Year's Eve

SG has a baby girl- Miss Gypsy

Met this wonderful photojournalist and bought some of his work in Florida. 

Visted the Historic Raney House in Apalachicola

The Shrimp Boat in Panama City - Great dinner. 

Just know. that is NOT water in that cup. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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