Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Growing Pains

You ever just want to get to the next part?
You know, that place you are supposed to be, but because of commitments you find yourself trudging through life?

Learning to adjust to the path is never easy. I want to take off in a sprint to reach my destination, sort of like when I am traveling. It seems I start off a little fast, then some how I talk myself into trying to relax and enjoy the journey, only to realize I am finally closer to my destination where I begin to speed up - throwing caution to the wind.

I have been sort of feeling like that lately.

I'm ready for the next part. 

I have a plan, and I want to just make it happen.

But I can't. I have to be patient. I have to do my time. I have to stay the course, and in the end, every thing will go as planned.

I felt that way in high school. I wanted so badly to hurry up and go to college. Each year felt like an eternity. Then in college, I wanted to hurry up and get my first job in television news. Graduation seemed like some far away goal that I would never obtain. But it came, and everything went as planned. 

I read an excerpt this morning in my devotional that said:

"Cherish the winter. Cherish its quietness, the time of going within to rest and heal. Cherish this time of preparation that must come before new life. Cherish the hope that lies beneath the snow." 

It seems it spoke directly to my heart. It is exactly what I needed to hear. I need to treat this time as one of preparation for the next big move. There will be a new life. There is more to come.

There is always more to come, and the older I get, the more I treasure all of the twists and turns life has brought my way. My story has been a fascinating one for me. Nothing boring, that's for sure. I have lived as much as my courage, time, and finances have allowed. 

At least when it is all said and done, I can say I tried to make an interesting life. But for now, time to suffer through a few more growing pains. 

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Style Maniac said...

I have to remind myself all the time - life is a rollercoaster. There are ups, downs, highs, lows -- no matter what. Even if you reach a personal goal or get the guy or get the dream job or go on that vacation, there's still going to be tough parts and sad parts and challenges. Maybe it's the hard parts that make us cherish the great moments all that much more.


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