Monday, January 19, 2015

Project Me:

Okay, so I know you have read this before - if you have been following me the past 5 years...


Here we go again.

I joined Weight Watchers last night and I'm rejoining the gym this afternoon.


But I have a partner in crime, so perhaps I will stick with it.

My Sweet Guy and I both decided to go on this healthier lifestyle kick. Of course, I try to do a few things naturally: I drink plenty of water, I always take the stairs, and I tend to eat organic, whole foods. But.. I do like my condiments, and sometimes I need something to dip into those condiments (fried food.) I also love my chips...

Now it is time to see what I can do.


I know, I know.

The deal is this - I will do Weight Watchers and gym, and he will do South Beach diet and gym. We will check in each night with each other. No real pressure, just encouragement. We are both in our 40s and we know we could stand to lose a few (eh hem..) pounds. Sooo... let's see what happens!

There you go - a new project for the new year. Me.

The end.

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