Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Riding The Waves... Sorting The Boxes

Those rascally transitions. You are up one minute, riding the wave, and down the next, rolling with the punches.

I've taken a short sabbatical from my blog to sort the boxes- it's what I call "processing the information."

God has both given me a tremendous gift and is testing my faith all at the same time.

On one hand, I have landed a hand full of projects that will in essence (all together,) pay me more than I was bringing home full time. However, on the other hand, none of these are permanent. With that - I have to make some tough choices and TRUST that this will all work out in the end. 

**insert panic here... panic from the planner.**

Yes, I am a chronic planner. It is not in my character to say, "We'll see what happens." Okay, well.. maybe I say it from time to time, but I rarely mean it. I'm like that duck analogy - You'll see me gliding along the ponds, water just rolling off my back, but what is really going on is I am kicking up a storm underneath putting things in motion. 

But for once, I'm just gliding... trying something new - Trusting that I will make the right decision when the time comes. I don't have to solve anything right now. But at the same time....

Oh it's all just very scary. No real safety net except for my faith. No where to run if it all falls apart. It's just me, my prayers to God, and my ability to get stuff done.

I'm really excited about some of the pending projects I have going on. I'm back in the whole journalism field. (Who would have seen THAT one coming?) That's right, I was hired by a local arts alliance to become the lead embedded arts journalist in our community. That's pretty exciting - combining two things I love (Writing & the Arts.) I have also been asked to write for 3 more companies, as well as handle all of the media relations from my former job, AND be the publicist for a contemporary Christian author. 

Wow. Wow. Wow. 

Basically...  it's official-  I'm back to being a paid writer. 

(Don't judge my professional life on what you see written here.) My blog is nothing more than a fun little brain dumping ground. A poor man's therapy, if you will. 

I write - then I hit send. Rarely do I ever proof read this crap. I'm just purging. 

You know, I've often said that I never should have left TV, but I had to - if for nothing else, for more money. I was good at it, and I can only imagine, if I had stayed with it, I would have been great. But I left, and started a completely different venture. I ran that course for a very long time, and some how, I have found myself right back where I started from. Single & Telling Stories... just like I did when I graduated from college.

Life really is a crazy adventure, isn't it?


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