Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And then it hit me.

I hate to start this post off all morose... but something hit me yesterday. I think it is best that I write it out and leave it.

I came home from work, changed clothes, fed the cats - just getting my basic chores done. Finally, I decided I needed a cup of coffee. I selected the Pike Roast K cup from the little carosel and began the Keurig process. I discovered I needed to clean my coffee cup, so I did, and proceeded to wash my hands next. As I was washing my hands, I looked up and saw the calender that hangs above the sink.

I love this calendar, each month it show cases different herbs, spices, and sometimes edible flowers and other goodies. It's perfect for the kitchen. I love the fact that each month is geared toward items that would be growing or in season.

I happened to glance at the dates.. checking out when Thanksgiving is, pondering the fact that this year is almost over, when suddenly I noticed something I had written in red.

I glanced at the date.

November 17th.

I read the words - "Our Anniversary. 6 years."

I paused.

The water kept running. I stood there.

I gathered myself and turned off the water. Put my hand on the sink... and burst into tears.

I snapped a picture of the date and the words and sent HIM a text. I told him it brought a tear to my eye.

He answered three hours later...

"Damn. :-(       I'm speechless."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Little things like this can stir big emotions, sending you hugs and prayers for that day :)


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