Friday, November 1, 2013

My Facebook Rant

This post is dedicated to Facebook... and the things that drive me insane.
(Trust me... it's not what you think!)

Let's begin, shall we?

I am incredibly tired of people complaining about what other people do on Facebook. (Which in turn is sort of the same thing.) Just let people be. It's their page, their wall, and if they want to post something, then for goodness sakes, they have every right.


If I you want to know my personal opinion about those things...

1. If someone wants to share a recipe, then so be it. I actually like seeing that in my news feed. I like to cook, and I obviously like food, so it never bothers me to see recipes. I really like following those food bloggers! But what I don't like - PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT THOSE WHO DO.

2. If someone wants to check in somewhere and tell us who they are with and what they are doing, that's cool with me. I like discovering new spots, and I like people's feedback. Hell, I love knowing my friends are doing more than playing monopoly at home. I like having interesting people in my life - PLUS.. if I'm out and about and nearby, I just might stop by and say hi! But what I don't like- PEOPLE WHO CONSTANTLY MAKE SNIDE COMMENTS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO CHECK IN.

3. If someone wants to show a pic of their pets, I think that's fun. Animals are adorable.. and if you love your pet, you usually have a kind demeanor. I love seeing the funny stuff people catch their pets doing, and for those of us who chose to have pets outside of children, people need to remember, we love our pets just as much. (And for many of us, it's a much more responsible decision.) But what I don't like - PEOPLE WHO CONSTANTLY MAKE SNIDE COMMENTS ABOUT PET PICTURES AND PET OWNERS.

4. Granted, I really do not care to see a ton of kid pics, but I get it. Remember, I'm one of those pet people. So, I respect people's desire to show photos of their little ones. I have absolutely no right to complain. Though, I try to limit my cat pics to one to two a day. I would prefer if people would do the same with their kid.

5. I LOVE seeing pics of food. I find it fascinating what other people eat - it's the one thing we all have in common. I DESPISE when people complain about seeing pics of people's lunches or dinners. What's the big deal?

6. I really enjoy receiving invites to events and I always make a point to join, say maybe (but change my decision as it gets closer to time, or decline.) I do NOT like when people ignore an invite, say yes (but have no intention of going,) or complain that they receive invites. As I tell my friends that complain about being invited to stuff or act as if their life is so full, that my petty invites annoy them - there will come a time when you won't get any invitations to anything. Remember that.

7. I also enjoy seeing shared news stories. Oftentimes I find out about breaking news from so many people.

8. I DO NOT LIKE GAME REQUESTS. That's one I'm not a fan of, but it's simple - I just turn those notifications off.

9. I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know, nor have I ever understood why someone would send me a request like that.

10. I do NOT like seeing chain posts about "If you love Jesus" and what not. I love Jesus. I just don't think I am going to hell if I don't share.

11. Not a big fan of the "I love my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/blah blah" posts every single day. It just screams insecurity. From time to time is sweet.. all the time is overkill.

12. I do like to celebrate your life's achievements. Please share! I get ticked off when people sort of poo-poo other people's successes.

13. Not a fan of the diet updates - though I've done it from time to time. I think it's because it makes me feel guilty. hahahaha...

14. I like when people share funny videos or touching videos. I dislike when people get annoyed by it. I have discovered some great music that way.

15. I do NOT like when people like their own pics they post or status updates. It's like you just gave yourself a high five.

16. I really hate the scam/faux stuff people send around. You know.. those hoaxes. Blech.

17. I don't care if you change your profile pic 500 times. Work that camera.

18. Which leads me to pics in general. I LOVE photos. It's how I keep up with you. Stop complaining about peoples pics...

19. People who are crazy about being tagged bother me. Look - go into your settings, and make it where you have to approve it and chill the eff out.

20. Finally, people who complain sooooooo much about what people do on FB should simply delete their account. Nominal annoyance is one thing.. but being so incredibly bitter is another.


Leslie Limon said...

Yes, yes, and YES!!! I couldn't agree with you more on all counts. I think people forget that sites like FB are SOCIAL networks, where we're supposed to be sociable. If I see something on Facebook, I just skip over it and scroll on down to the next thing. :)

Robyn Burke said...

This made my morning. Heck, my whole day perhaps. And so many of these I so agree with. Thanks Nicole for putting it out there. you said it well!!


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