Friday, November 15, 2013

Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

I've been M.I.A. for a few.. but it was necessary. I had to recharge my battery, and I am so much better for it!

I've mentioned it on several occasions - how happy I am these days. Sure, memories fade in and out, and yes, the whole dating scene is a little rocky and unnerving, but overall, my life is as it should be.

I saw a quote today that made complete sense, " Not getting what you want can sometimes be a wonderful stroke of luck."

That is something I can agree with.

So what have I been up to that has kept me away? Well, for one, I am DANCING again! That's right, I started ballroom dancing classes in Macon and I could not be happier. I got the opportunity to be whisked across a dance floor last night for almost two hours. I felt at ease and at home. These are my people - dancers. There were about 20 of us, all ranging in age from 35 - 72. Most were around my age. Most were singles, not a lot of couples. It was such a wonderful experience. :-) I hope to keep this up - and now that I have a roommate, I can definitely afford to do so!

Another thing... I have sort of started dating someone again that I was seeing back in mid-July. We reconnected about a month or two ago, and things are going really well. I sort of fought it for a while, he wasn't exactly the person I saw myself with. We are polar opposites.. he is into fishing, hunting, 4 wheelers, camping, and things like that. I, on the other hand, like museums and events, ballets and live theater. But there is a whole lot in the middle we enjoy together - going out to eat and travel. We're both open to learning what the other enjoys - so for now, this might be a nice person to just hang out with. He is very nice, extremely respectful, and seems to genuinely like me. My roommate is extremely protective of me, and she says that he seems like a really good guy and mentioned that he has shown that he is really into me. So for now, it will be nice to just have one person to spend time with, not fool with these other creeps, and just enjoy the time we can spend together. (And we are both SUPER busy.) 

I've been staying super busy with lots of events and going out with friends. I'm laughing more, taking time for me more, and trying very hard to live a happier life. I have set boundaries with the fools that tried to dominate my time and brain space. I have forgiven someone that not so much needed my forgiveness, more so I had to get to that place. (The egyptian.) 

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:
Went to a friend's halloween party - Georgia/Florida game. Watched Bill scream at the game! UGA won!!!!!

Ate outside in this beautiful fall weather. Here is the James Brown Black & Blue burger with beer battered fries from The Rookery in Macon. 

Another friend brought me a caramel apple and Starbucks double shot. :-) 

Loved on my sick baby. He's okay now. He had a really bad upper resp. infection

Went to Oktoberfest!

Organized a stumping event to promote the Tubman on Georgia Gives Day

Had lunch with my Leadership Macon peeps at Locos!

Went to my favorite little place in Gray, GA

Hung out with one of my besties... and roommate

Had one of my friends that is a chef make some AMAZING guac!

Bought a piece of rock candy from the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Macon! Did I mention how much I like rock candy? And the color blue!

My friend (the chef) making guac. Check out his blog:

Took the roomie to Olive Forge Herb Farm in Haddock 

Hung out with great people at the Tribute to ABBA at The Grand in Macon

Went to an Arts Journalism Symposium

Hung out with my good friend, Shamani from Nambia at the fire house. 

Went to TWANG with the roomie and had cocktails. 

Yep.. all my idea!

Watched my friend, Scott, entertain his guests at the Halloween party!

Hung out with the always amazing Carley at Oktoberfest

Got to tour the jail. 

Rode the city bus with my Leadership Macon friend

Played Fire Woman with Laronda

My halloween costume

Great food!

Got to listen to the Sheriff talk about crime in our community

City Bus time..

Had a dinner party with friends...

Ordered a sweet tea with southern comfort and peach schnapps and collard green/artichoke dip!

my boys

lunch with friends...

Playing in the buckets that go 100 feet high!

The fireman cooked my lunch! Good old fashioned soul food - grilled chicken, hoe cakes, mac & cheese, peach cobbler, sweet tea...

Firemen. Any questions?

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