Monday, March 23, 2015

Striking a Balance

I think I figured out the secret to happiness.
Honestly - I do believe I did!

It's all about balance.

Wait... you were expecting something more profound? I'm afraid not.

It sort of hit me last night, after chatting with an old friend about how to keep her sanity. I told her all she needed to do was to find some type of balance in her life. She had everything any basic human being could want: A husband she not only loved, but was attracted to. She had raised her child, and now was helping him raise his children. She is educated and has a great job. They bought a comfortable house. She had a decent relationship with her family and at least a few good friends she could count on any day of the week. But something else was missing - that "her" time. 

I, on the other hand, have tons of "me" time. If I want to read a book, I read one. If I want to watch TV, I do. No ones fights me for the remote control. I can sleep when I want to, heck, even in my job, I make my own schedule. Finding time for me is never an issue. What I don't have - a house of my own, a husband, children, etc. etc. 

If you put the two of us together, you would have the perfect life. 
Which brings me back to having it all - you have to have balance in your life to be truly happy. I need to work toward filling in those holes (which, technically, I am.) I have a wonderful boyfriend who I plan to stick it out with. If everything works out over the next year or so, maybe we can be house hunting and I can help him with his kids. Perhaps my friend can begin to make some time for herself, putting some of her needs on the table, and addressing what she needs in order to be a fully happy person.

Is your life balanced? What is missing and what are you going to do about it?

1 comment:

Ann Bennett said...

Me time, I remember those days. You can carve time out but it is not the same when you are constantly stopped to do this do that.
However, I think happiness is a choice for many like me. Some folks have depressions and worse others have cycles of mania and depression. But the rest of us have a choice and attitude.


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