Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How Do You Explain?

I've got a really cool opportunity tomorrow. I get to introduce my little blog, Destination Unknown, to the students of Middle Georgia State College. (Which technically gets university status tomorrow, so does that make it - Middle Georgia State University?) Either way, people I've never met, will actually get the chance to meet me and view this little blog.



 Nice to meet you.

The other kicker? I get to stand in front of these students and talk about how this blog started, why it started, and anything else I think they might like to know. But my question is - how do you explain something like this? We are talking almost 6 years of me babbling on and on about my ridiculous life. Okay, okay.. maybe it is not ridiculous, but it is a simple recording of my brain dumping.

Is this a place I chronicle my highlights? Or is this a place I vent, moan, whine and complain? Do I use this to promote what I do in the community or do I share some random thing or place I discovered on one of my crazy weekends? What exactly IS Destination Unknown?

I've always prided myself on not selling out. What I mean by that is - not selling tons of ads. Sure, I put the little "will write for money" on my blog, but honestly, I have yet to take any real offers. I find freelance writing is a better place to get paid for my words. I'm also not trying to win any awards as the "best local blogger" or anything like that - because I do NOT want to be defined by a location. Or a gimmick.. or a schtick or whatever...

I suppose this blog is my outlet to share my life. Plain and simple. If you get something out of it, great! If you leave bored to tears, that's okay too.

When I go back over the past posts, what I see is a woman (young, old, whatever you want to call me) trying to figure life out. This blog started about fours years after I moved to Birmingham, got remarried, got divorced, lost a job, rebuilt my life, only to have to rebuild again, and now... here we are. It's the ups and downs of life. Where will I or it end up? Who knows.

With that being said, if this is your first visit to Destination:Unknown - Welcome. This is a vulnerable space for me. I brain dump here. Very little editing - almost zero spell check, and typos.. oh yeah, baby. I don't stress over the small stuff here. I have enough of that in my day to day life.

If you are new to blogging, then check out my journey. It is not for every one. I've lost friendships over this space and the things I have said. It has caused arguments, and sometimes, it might even change a life. (Yes, believe it or not, I get mail quite often.)

As for what I say in tomorrow's speech? Oh my... who knows. ;-)

1 comment:

Abby Prince said...

You did great! You are truly an inspiring lady! I cannot wait to follow your blog now, and hopefully start my own! :) Keep staying strong and doing what you do!


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