Friday, March 6, 2015

Bullies & Bliss

I live in a community that is passionate about showcasing all that is good, beautiful and interesting. We are really good at revitalization and promotion. We are exceptionally good at creating a sense of community. 

And sometimes.. I think we take it a little too far.

In today's blog post I am going to hit on a few things. First, let me talk about the negative aspect of always being a cheerleader.

For one - I am not a cheerleader. Not in the strictest sense of the word. I rarely get behind something because someone says, "Hey, we are all getting behind this - you should too!" No, no... that will never be me. I'm more of a lets-check-it-out-and-see-if-it-works-for-me type of girl. 

Thanks to social media, I get a front row seat to what people love to chat about, and on a more interesting day, what they want to vent about. I recently saw a friend of mine get pummeled by the city's cheerleaders for complaining about his car getting broken into downtown. Here's the thing - it happens! I used to live in a really nice suburb in the north part of town, and that was and remains the only time my car has ever been broken into. So no.. I don't think his status was trying to put downtown "down." Hell, he's a business owner down there and I agree, I would be pissed too. 

However, as if on cue, the cheerleaders (let's call them Cheer-Nazis,) came in full force to remind him how safe downtown was and all of the reasons why "we" as a community should not lead people to believe it is not safe. Look folks, it's a fact a life - petty theft happens. It does not mean he loves his community any less. 

Ugh.. that just got my feathers all ruffled.

I have also read many FB statuses where people say they don't want to say anything too negative about the community because of the problems that would follow for them. 

I simply shake my head.

So let me get this straight: If I don't go along with everything "they" say, that makes me a naysayer?

Lord have mercy.... 

Cheer Nazis.

My dear, dear, well meaning friends, allow me to unload for a minute. I was born here. In 1973. I lived here until the early 2000s, and came back in 2012. I have seen the old Macon and I have seen the newer Macon. I was here and doing business before half of these characters were even out of high school. I think this PR campaign to only say what's GREAT is borderline bullying to those of us who really do love our community, but also see what needs to be fixed and are not afraid to stand up and say it. THOSE are the type of people I want making things happen here. PR 101 - Just because someone makes a suggestion or shares their opinion does not constitute bad publicity. What you want are people who actually care enough to talk about it. Not just follow like sheep.

Because at the end of the day - this will always be MY hometown. Where I was born, where I went to school, and where I will probably be laid to rest.

Now.. allow me to step off of my soap box and talk about the bliss...

Life is treating me well in the relationship department. My Sweet Guy is ... lord have mercy... an answer to a long ago prayer. He is such a nice man. He is incredibly good to me, and to be perfectly honest, he grounds me. He has reminded me what is important and life is just so effortless when we are together. We work well as a team and I am oh so very much in love with him.

Next - This girl is working hard for the money. 

I am working on a ton of freelance projects and it thrills me to the core. I think I finally have it all under control. I was working for another company on the side doing copywriting, but this particular company is folding, so it has freed up a ton of time for me. Sticking with some local publications. 

As well as - my duties at the Cannonball House which are going really, REALLY well.
I have been very busy planning our latest event: Beards, Bourbon, & Bacon. So far the buzz is going for this! I hope to turn it into a signature fundraiser for the house. 

Well - that's all I've got today. The only take aways I have are 1. People please let people express themselves about their community. This place is a tiny (though really beautiful,) fishbowl - and we need to be respectful of each others opinions. You can love a community without forcing others to follow your creed. It is okay if there are things that don't work for everyone. This place existed waaaaay before you got here, and will be here a looooong time after we are all gone. Chill out.

Finally - have a great weekend! This girl is (God Forbid) leaving town to enjoy some fun in other parts of our beautiful state!

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Robyn Burke said...

I get what you are saying. I get a little irritated when I post something on social media that is sorta a vent and people respond in a way that tells me they totally missed my point. I have a hard time not being snarky... too many times to count do I type in a reply to their comment and then delete, delete, delete. Ah well.... it sure keeps life interesting...


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