Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Marinate

People often ask me to pray for them. 
Sometimes, people ask me to share my thoughts on a subject.
And sometimes... I simply do not have an answer.
Sometimes... I forget to pray.

I get caught up in the day to day grind just like you do. I'm trying to run this historical house museum, write stories for two local publications, and do some copywriting for a PR agency. I'm trying to be a good pet mom to my cats, spend time with my niece and family. I'm juggling travel every other weekend to see my guy. 
I'm trying to keep my house clean, eat right, and make at least four trips to the gym each week. Somewhere in there.. I try to make time for me.

My S.G. teases me about reading the same book since December. Normally, I rush through a book a lot quicker, but with everything else going on, I'm lucky to finish a chapter a night. To be perfectly honest, I'm lucky to finish a few sentences before my eyes shut.

I'm tired. I'm stretched a little thin right now. But I am trying desperately to fit it all in. (Heck - I don't even have kids!) It's just a lot right now.

So how am I able to slow my mind down long enough to make some real decisions. 

I marinate.


I go into my bathroom, run the hottest bath possible, and soak until the water is too chilly to deal with. Then I wrap in my fluffy robe and lay on the couch and stair at the ceiling. Once I did that for over an hour. Just staring. Maybe it was a form of meditation. Who knows? Sometimes I start off with.. "Dear God.." Then I sit there, and honestly.. I say, "God, Ive got nothing." It is sort of like having that best celestial friend, just asking him to sit there with me.. because sometimes there is really nothing left to say.

Right now I need a good marinate. I'm drying out. I'm burning out. I need to pull it together. 
Too much going on, and I need to regroup and re-prioritize. 

How do you regroup?


Ann Bennett said...

Soaking in a hot bath with a gentle rain outside sounds like a great idea.

Robyn Burke said...

I can sooooo relate to this post Nicole. I appreciate your term "marinate". I don't do that very often because my tub is just too uncomfortable... I don't work outside the home right now so my life is pretty calm... but still, I have to have that downtime to recharge. And journaling, taking walks, and vegging without any cohesive thoughts is certainly on the top of my list. I use to worry about the trying to pray and not being able to generate any words. Now I understand that when I 'gots nothing' I can bring that to God too. He is the ultimate refresher-- just resting in His presence is enough to help me bounce back.

Leanne said...

Oh, do I 'get' this!!! Marinate. I love it. I have been feeling that way this week, too . . . The desire and need to 'marinate'. I told phil I was feeling so overwhelmed. So over used, so much in demand, so out of focus, so pulled into so many directions. It has gotten so out of control that we can't even sit and watch a 1/2 hour program without either the phone ringing, or a child interrupting us, or something causing us to pause the show. Wishing you lots of time to just BE, my friend. Thinking of you.


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