Monday, April 30, 2012

You could go with this.. or you could go with that

I have spent the past half hour trying to upload pictures, but the internet connection at my parent's home is sooo slow at certain times of the day.

So.. you will have to wait. And trust me, there are some BEAUTIFUL pics to share. Instead you get to see me, taking a self portrait of myself, eating an empanada, while trying to stay cool. Attractive, isn't it?

The festival went very well! The music, the dancing, the singing, the shopping, the food.. it was all just so beautiful and wonderful.

That evening, around 10pm or so, I sat in my lawn chair, at the end of Cherry Street, drinking my water, and watching the movie being projected onto the building and suddenly it happened, I felt peace and happiness. I looked to the sky, and I saw the stars twinkling, I could hear the chatter of vendors, I could smell the incense coming from the table a few rows down.. it was slightly magical.

Here I was, sitting next to what I have been told is royalty from Nigeria, just relaxing and enjoying the movie, the ambiance, the sense of community.

It was a good day, indeed.

Then yesterday, my family and I scurried with our home plans - on Friday, my egyptian informed me he would arrive on Sunday night. Sooooo....

I can report he is safe and sound and sleeping peacefully on the couch. ;-)

I suppose things ended up the way they should have. Who knew?


Bossy Betty said...

The festival sounds like it was fun! I am afraid I am behind the times. Is the fact that the Egyptian is on your couch a good thing?

EmptyNester said...

I just finished looking at the pictures from the festival- amazing fun! And...wait, he's there? How's it going?!


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