Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools!

I just want to go on the record, for my sweet, sweet friends that took my Facebook status seriously...

I am not moving to Egypt with the egyptian.

Ha Ha Ha - we had a good laugh at my family's home about the responses on the status update.

It read:

It is official - we are moving to Egypt! After months of planning, we are just going to take a leap of faith and give his country a try! Wish us luck!


I almost gave a few people a heart attack.

I actually called the egyptian to remind him that it was, indeed, April Fool's Day, and I wanted him to know I was just joking. Granted, I wonder if our Egyptian friends celebrate, and will they get confused?! *giggle*

The truth is - I am still in Middle Georgia and still interviewing with two companies. One in particular I am very interested in. The egyptian is waiting to hear what the verdict is, and then we will move into our own home accordingly. In America. ;-)

Though - it is not entirely out of question, the idea of us moving to Egypt. I LOVED it there.


Leanne said...

silly girl . . . . At least I knew you were joking, and didn't have to call you immediately in a panic state and question what in the world you were doing NOW!! Oh, wait . . . I did that. Ah, well! ;)

While Egypt would be a lovely place for me to add to my already long list of adventures, I think it'll be a bit easier for me to get to Macon!!! LOVE the Fools!!!!

scrapwordsmom said...

I saw that and was like what??! It was a great joke...I thought about pulling a stunt like that, too but then I thought...wait. I live in a small town and everybody will talk and I don't need that...I have enough:)

I am anxiously awaiting your job decision!!


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