Friday, April 6, 2012

Summer List
 It is only April, but I am already trying to decide what my summer is going to look like.

Since I just started a new job (YIPPEE!) and I know I need to find my own apartment, the options are going to have to be inexpensive and short day trip ideas.

This blog post is going to be a list of staycation ideas as well as day-trip ideas for me (and YOU)!

Let's begin:

1. Since we know I have an ever eager 5 year old ready to run along on an adventure with me, most of these ideas will be just an excuse to be a kid again. I think the best #1 idea I could do is invest in outdoor toys. For example - a badminton net, a big beach ball, water guns, water balloons, etc. You can buy these items fairly cheap at most discount stores, so this might be right up our alley. It gets so hot down here, what a better way to cool off and enjoy my niece.

2. Movies - I realize that it is sort of cliche, but it is a lot cheaper than running off to the beach. Not to mention, it is always nice and cool inside. Plus - many of the block busters hit for summer.

3. Summer reading. I think I mentioned it before that I STILL buy stacks of books for summer. Sort of a habit from childhood, but it becomes something I like to do. Grab the lawn chair, grab a nice big glass of iced tea, and just sit by the gardenia bush, inhaling that sweet scent while diving into the next story.

4. Zumba. Yes, now I will be able to afford to start back at the gym. I will select a Zumba class, and go to one a couple of days a week. It's a lot cheaper and a lot less smokier than dancing it up at a club! LOL

5. Ballroom Dancing. I want to get back into this, and what a great idea for summer. I did find two different instructors in Macon, so I think this might be a nice treat and distraction from not being able to take off overseas for the summer. ;-)

6. Shopping Farmer's Markets - I LOVE spring and summer for visiting local farms and farmer's markets. The selection is incredible. Also, since I love to take pictures, the colors of the fruits and veggies are so vibrant.

7. Swimming. Just visiting a friend who has a pool is a wonderful way to chillax.

8. Lake Tobo - there is a lake nearby, in Macon, and there is a marina where you can rent a boat for the day. Would be fun to get a group together and do this.

9. Home spa day - why not break out the foot bath, the back massager, the face mask, and give myself a manicure from time to time?

10. Finally - Visit the local museums. Yes, I will be working at one, and that thrills me to no end, but really get out there and take in the history of my hometown. Also, attend theater productions, etc. If Macon is known for one thing - it's the Arts.

Day Trip Ideas

1. I am SOOO thankful to only be 2 1/2 hours from Savannah. Do I need to say more? I guess I will.. I love taking the Dolphin Cruise, I love ghost tours, I love the moonlight cruise, I love going to the beach, I love the Telfair Museum, I love taking pictures of all of the amazing homes, I love the food.... etc... etc..

2. Atlanta is 1 1/2 hours away. Maybe even an hour. Depends on the traffic. There are SO many things to do there - The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world, The CNN Center, Underground Atlanta, the Atlanta Zoo, Fox Theater, dining, shopping.. I could go on and on. Many MANY choices.

3. Stone Mountain, out side of Atlanta, has a TON of activities in the summer.

4. Jekyll Island, this is about 3 hours, maybe 4 from Macon. My family used to vacation here when we were kid. They have a wonderful outdoor theater, a great summer water park, the island is small, so you can rent bikes. It's awesome.

5. Shoot the Hooch - I love heading to Helen, GA (about 2 1/2 hour north to the mountains,) and renting an inner tube, taking a bus to the top of the mountain, and tubing down the Chattahoochee River. You can do it all day! It's awesome.

6. The Georgia Renaissance Festival takes place from late April to I want to say early June. There is nothing more fun than a Renn Fest.

7. Jacksonville is only 4 hours from here. Tampa, about 5 1/2. St. Augustine- 5 hours. There are options!

8. I can always day trip it back to Birmingham to visit friends.

9. Chattanooga is about 4 hours from here.

10. Finally Charleston. Can you believe I have YET to see Charleston. I think this summer may be the one.

What about you? What DESTINATIONS do you plan to visit, or what are some fun ideas for home?

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Gennifer Barrs said...

You should definitely come to Charleston! We have many of the same types of activities as Savannah. Fabulous food, the museum mile, history everywhere, farmers markets, beaches, and even small water parks inside a couple of county parks. We don't have an amusement park but there is tons to do here without it! My one caution is to try to come early before it gets too crowded and hot. We have Very High Humidity! We are also consistently voted friendliest city too!


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