Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Life feels a little more routine this week. I like that every thing I am doing makes complete sense. It's nice to walk into a new job, and the learning curve, as far as my actual work goes, is close to zero.

There are a few learning moments - How to update the website, how to use Constant Contact, putting all of the "Brads" in the right order. (So many of my media contacts have the first name - Brad.) These things take a little time. But soon, it will feel normal.

As for understanding the art and the history, well, that's another story all together. I have so much to learn, but you have to know, that's what excites me!

I am trying to get back that control in my otherwise chaotic world. The "to do" list is long, but I see an end in sight. For one, my brakes are grinding. When I slide into a red light, my car emits these sounds that remind me of the construction workers on the side of the road drilling into the concrete. Yeah, that can't be good.

Or the BIG one - moving. Oh Lord Have Mercy - I've got to find a home. I have one of two choices: Buy something so fabulous, but remain a little strapped for cash. Or find a cute little fixer-upper and have a little more in my pocket each month. I just can't figure it out. I sort of put my home-hunt on hold for a bit, pending the events at work (literally - BIG festival) and the upkeep on my car. Just too many big ticket items are taking precedent.

Regardless of what lies ahead, I have all of my little ducks in a row, and it feels good.

What new things are causing you to pause and contain?


Leanne said...

I am so happy for you, my dear. So happy for the job . . . And I know the learning is just filling that thirst for knowledge that you have. I think that is so cool!!! everything will happen in time; the car will get fixed, the home will be decided, the move will take place. And soon you'll be blogging from your new sun room each morning, and wondering how you made it through the past year. Hugs!

Ginger said...

Hi Nicole, totally out of your post concept I'm here to confess that I have borrowed ideas from a bunch of your posts (with the necessary reference to your blog of course) for my Greek blogger-friends (Greek myself)especially for those who are no fluent in English to surf around your blog. I just want to thank you for all those goodies. Mind you, I have become your follower. (Did you finally fulfilled your dream to visit my country?)


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