Friday, December 25, 2009

I know, I know.. it's been awhile.

The appropriate beginning to this blog would be to apologize for my abscense. With that, I will begin with a feeble attempt. I am sorry for my abscense.

It is Christmas Day - technically the biggest holiday in my religious calendar. (Custom & Tradition wise.)

I am sitting at my parent's home with a keyboard that apparently sticks. I find myself hitting the back space just to put a letter in here and there.

I have absolutely no inspiration for writing today. I do have many reasons why:

1. I have a cold that my niece picked up off a nasty playground last week. She then tranferred the germs to my egyptian who apparently passed it on to my sister, and now I have my second cold of cooler months. Blah. I keep popping my off brand benadryl and sleeping the days away/

2. I am worried about all of the work I have waiting for me in another week. BIG time - BIG stuff.

3. I have to drive 4 hours to get home tomorrow. I am sure the whole way my signifigant other will nit-pick how much money we spent.. blah. blah.. blah

4. Christmas has not been the same since 1989 or so. That's when my Granny died.

5. Went to midnight mass with an unbeliever - and somehow they can just suck the joy out of life.

6. Recently discovered that a majority of my friends are all agnostic. Not sure how I feel about that.

7. I am not thrilled with my new hair cut.

8. I am definitely not thrilled about my weight.

9. I need some freaking hobbies.

10. Maybe I need xanax.


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