Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No more camels in your future!

What a fabulous vacation this is turning out to be. Yes - I am still sporting a little cold. Yes - my make up and meds are somewhere on a UPS truck as we speak. Yes - it is freezing cold outside.
But it is QUIET. Our home is peaceful. My egyptian and I are perfectly content with one another. THIS is what we were waiting for. That moment, in every new marriage - where you can just sit still and know - you are settled.
The pièce de résistance - last night as the egyptian and I were checking the mail, we discovered a letter from the United States Immigration Department (Department of State.) ***drum roll please**** The battle was won - my little arab is officially a United States Permanent Resident!!!!! Yes, yes, yes.. we reached that moment. He and I were laughing, it was just this time last year we were in the administrative processing with the Department of Homeland security - 9 different security clearances he had to pass. I am thrilled to say we made it!!
You can almost feel the weight of stress lift. Now my egyptian can get a good job, drive, get items in his name - his life can begin now.
Yes, .. it is done. :-)
PS - I did not use an attorney this time - I did the paperwork. LOL Perhaps I should have entered immigration law. ahhahaaha.

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