Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dancing , Daughters, and Day Later Yoga

Today's affirmation read, "Stay open. Keep your fire burning bright. When you recognize what inspires you, you'll be recognizing the Light." 

If I am going to go by what I am learning in Week One of the Artist's Way, then that Light is nothing more than God. 

Nice thought. Inspiration comes from God. 
Check and check.

Check out the little quote on my Yogi Tea this morning - "Love has no fear and no vengeance." 

So incredibly true there also.

Alright, now let's get down to brass tacks. I made myself eat healthy and go to yoga last night. 24 whole hours. I did.. I did. 

I dusted off my old yoga mat that I purchased a while back from GAIAM and grabbed my yoga bag and accessories, and made my way down to Tatnall Square Park for lesson one in a Journey to Wellness. The class started at 7pm, and I made sure to get there just about 10 minutes early to find the perfect spot... and I did- right in the back where I belonged. lol

I contorted and breathed deeply and said my intentions to myself. I wiped my brow a few dozen times (it's August.. in Georgia.. and the sun is still out. We'll call this Hot Yoga.) The best news - I did it and I survived. A few times as I was leaning over into Downward Dog, I said to myself, "What the eff are you doing here?" But I was there. 
Then as I was doing some plank with my right leg extended behind me like a broken ballerina trying to do an arabesque, I said to myself, "Just push through." Next thing I knew, it was over and I was sitting among some very kind people with interesting stories. 

I'll go back. I will. 

It's a process. A really, uncomfortable process. 

This morning I had a super healthy breakfast, and no sooner did I step outside to run some errands this jack hole pissed me off in our museum's parking lot (which later led to me purchasing some Krystal fries. We all have our issues.... don't judge.) For the record, Greenscapes Lawn Service in Macon (478-477-0953) has some super rude drivers. Not only did he try to cut me off, then he proceeded to verbally attack me as I was waiting to pull out of our drive way. Needless to say, he got the wrong girl. 

I can thank my south Macon upbringing on that one. *sigh* You can take the girl out of Bloomfield... 


(Not my finest moment. Needless to say, he will not be parking in our driveway anymore to landscape Doc Holliday's area. Plus I seriously doubt he will be acting the fool near our museum ever again. We handled it. Wonder Woman style.)

I digress. 

GREAT news on the home front. This past Saturday, my sweet guy's daughter (okay, it is his step daughter from his first marriage, but she considers him "Dad,") had her baby! 
I believe this technically makes him a grandfather. Check out how big his hands are compared to the baby's body. I'm looking forward to meeting the little girl. Well.. I get really nervous around babies, but I'm sure I can figure this out.

That night I attended the Macon Arts Alliance's Taste of the Arts at Macon's Terminal Station. The theme was "Havana Nights."

So yeah... my organization, The Cannonball House, were celebrity chefs. 

I made Picadillo, a traditional Cuban dish. The recipe came from my dear friend, Tere, from Miami. 

Fun was had by all! 

Life continues to surprise and delight me daily. Membership renewals are flooding into the museum. People came up to me all night telling me how impressed they have been with the publicity and events the Cannonball House has been doing. Things are good, my friends. 

I hope those of you who that have decided to do the Artist's Way with me have gotten or at least ordered your books. If not, that's okay, I'll fill you on some good stuff. Today, simply start, each morning, to keep your Morning pages. That is 3 pages of long hand stream-of-consciousness writing. Without fail, every morning. 

Look, it sucks. I get it. But what you are doing is cleaning out the brain clutter. That way you will be more open to inspiration throughout your day. Just start there. And do it.

I'd love to hear how it goes for you!

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