Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Not a Bad Month.. It is a Life Changing Month

On the eve of typically my Worst Month Ever, I decided to do a little reflection on just how scary September is for me.

Then... something happened.

As I was driving down HWY 224 heading from Montezuma to Perry, it hit me. It wasn't that September was so terrible. I mean, think about it, I survived. Yes, it altered my course of existence...

But.. that's IT!

It simply altered my course. It was God's way of shaking me to my core and having me shift directions-alter my sails-take the road less traveled - etc. 
These fundamentally core shaking experiences were just basic plate tectonics doing their thing with my soul. 

As I sit and grasp the weird nuances that always seem to happen, I have to view it as life changing. Always for the better, in one way or another. Always. 

With that being said, I'm just living my life. I promised myself that 2015 was going to be a beautiful, soul-enriching year, and I have happily stayed the course. I spent another fantastic two weekends with my S.G. soaking up nature and feeling this incredible, to-the-bone, peace. Life is good, and I am continuously collecting beautiful moments. 

Last weekend, I got to meet S.G.'s granddaughter. I held this little baby girl in my arms and sort of marveled at how tiny she was. Knowing me, I am a little unsure of myself around babies, so in about 60 seconds flat, I handed her back to her father. 

I spent a little more time with SG's middle child (biologically oldest,) at the farm. We enjoyed chatting, watching Youtube videos and picking muscadines. 

SG took me on a golf-cart ride around Preston, his home town. I snapped this shot of his home church as we were rounding the bend. Just the perfect example of a small country church in the deep South.

I came back home and got a wild hair. I needed a change - in more ways than one. I chopped 5 inches off of my hair. 

Ta - Dah!!

This past weekend I headed back down to SG's and indulged in more delicious, juicy muscadines. 

Gypsy and I spent a little time together while my guy had to go into work for a little while. Coffee and a dog.. not a bad combo. 

I spent most of the weekend working on some of my freelance writing assignments for Macon Magazine. 
Finally, I got back into Macon this morning and read this. 

I think September needs to not be so much about me, but what I can give back. If I put enough good into the world, certainly I can escape this month fairly unscathed... right?

Until next time... 

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