Friday, July 31, 2015

Coffee Talk

Care to chat?

I'm busy ordering items for upcoming events at work. We have a tea party coming up, and I have decided to invest in a scone pan. Since we plan to offer these tea parties almost monthly, we thought it would be best to invest. (I like how that rhymes.) I've only made scones once (Egg Nog Flavored ones from World Market,) so this is going to be a whole new venture for me. I have faith I can make it work.

Then comes the tea. I've never been a big tea drinker, I tend to lean more toward to coffee or carbonated beverages. However, in recent years I've given it a-go. Not too bad. I've ordered a wide variety for our participants to try, and I'm looking forward to revealing our flavors each month!

BIG news. Well.. for me anyway. (Let's see if I can stick to it..) Yes.. it involved my health. I am going on a Fall Journey with Valor Wellness. (Funny how this little side note is going to tie back into tea.) Sooo.. my friend, Frances, is a Yoga instructor (by night,) and an attorney by day (and former Communications Director, like myself!) She's originally from Miami and just a joy to chat with. (I always seem to gravitate toward folks from Miami... you guys are something special!) Anyway, I met Frances at... wait for it.. wait for it... a tea party! Yes, our friend Stephanie throws these fantastic tea parties, and she knew Frances through her sister. (Long story, but Frances is fairly new to Macon.) Well... Frances started a side project/company called Valor Wellness. She is offering a Fall Journey to Wellness program. Sounds like the perfect step for me! For one, I'm back and forth on the healthy eating. Weight Watchers tires me out with the documenting everything you eat. And let's face it, my stress level tends to rise and fall with the tides. I'm committing to 12 weeks of wellness. Anyone can do anything for 12 weeks... right? 
Here is the description of the class:

As the days grow shorter and the schedule gets busier, start your week with a yoga class, inspirational scripture, and nutrition accountability group at Tatnall Square Park on Monday evenings. We will meet by the pavilion from 7-8pm for 12 weeks, from August 3 (when the kiddos go back to school) through October 19 (as Daylight Savings Time winds down). Yoga classes are by donation, just like on Saturdays. The nutrition program we will be using is Beachbody's 21 Day Fix (which is all about clean eating and portion control). Group members are welcome to join us on the Fix, but that is entirely optional. You pick the nutrition plan that works for you, we support you in your journey to wellness!

I checked out the Beach Body 21 Day fix, and I don't honestly see myself doing the daily videos. (These are the people that created P90X.) But I do have a gym membership, and I do enjoy yoga, and I love the idea of an inspirational component.. so why not?

I did do a little research on what I could incorporate as an eating plan, and I went with the Mediterranean Diet with The Zone. That program actually has a plan with the foods I really enjoy eating. I think this might be worth a look at. My weight gain is hormonal in nature (PCOS,) and The Zone is all about balancing out the hormones. This may help me out.

Speaking of health - mammogram was beautiful! Yay!

Moving on..

Got a big event to attend Saturday night. If you live in the middle Georgia area, consider coming out to the Terminal Station in downtown Macon for the Taste of the Arts - Havana Nights. (It's a Cuban theme.) My team will be one of the many chefs preparing yummy things. I'm going for picadillo, not just ANY picadillo, Tere's Magical picadillo. (Yes, a Cuban friend that lives in Miami.) See? It's a Cuban themed blog post. lol

I'll of course share pics and little stories along the way.

But for now.. I will head out for lunch.

Have a beautiful weekend, my friends!

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