Sunday, October 12, 2014

Finding the Magic Within

I am sitting here staring at the computer screen. There are so many thoughts racing through my mind, I simply had to sit down and sort it all out in a post. Most of them are super positive, and that's always a good thing. 

I was perusing Pinterest as I was drinking my Sunday morning coffee, and I came across this quote - "Believe in your own magic." It struck a cord with me. 

I realize that this blog is simply a place for me to come and sort out what is in my head. One day is good, and I share those triumphs with the world. We celebrate the successes and then I am armed with some verbal validation and I thrust myself out into the world and try to make things happen. Then there are the days that are a little harder than others. I come here, share my pain and confusion, receive the honest and healing feedback, then I gain the confidence I need to head back out and try, try again.

Writing is incredibly therapeutic. 

But somewhere.. in all of this good/bad, positive/negative, triumphs/failures... I have created a little something. I have built my character, and I have come to actually believe in my own magic. There is something special about me, as there is with each of you. Each and every one of us have an incredible gift that was bestowed on us (in my opinion, from God,) and it is our duty to recognize that light and share that with the world.

I look around at the people in my life right now. Let's take my roomie for example. Lynn has an incredible gift for making people feel comfortable. She is very maternal and compassionate, and it is a natural reaction for her to soften blows, shield you from a storm, and help you sort through your thoughts. She has a way of delivering bad news that helps you accept it more easily. That song from Mary Poppins comes to mind, "A Spoon Full of Sugar.."

Then I think about my old friend, Telisa. (Old as in.. we've been friends for a LONG time.) Telisa has this uncanny ability to help you shake things off. She has this wanderlust and zest for life, and honestly reminds me of a port in the storm. She is a strong person, larger than life (literally - she's a very tall girl,) and I get this visual of a warrior blocking the winds and rain from hitting the ones she loves. 

I think about some of my newer friends, Stephanie, for example. Stephanie is another force to be reckoned with. A woman who will dig her heels in, rationally look at a situation, and sort out all of the variables before making her move. I think of a champion chess player. 

I can use my mom as an example. She is a ferocious lioness. She protects her interests and is passionate about what she believes in (which happens to be the arts.) She knows what needs to happen, and she has a "take no prisoners" sort of attitude.

Each of these women have a light inside of them, as do you, and a specific innate ability. I could list out every single person I know and share with you what I think their "magic" is. Notice I did not attribute anything to whether they had great relationships, or what they did for a living. Those are just details and add to what draws you to them. What I am talking about is that fire within. That light that shines so brightly that you are drawn to them, and you seek out that "thing" and try to take some of that with you. When I leave Lynn, I feel calmer. When I leave Telisa, I feel safer. When I leave Stephanie, I feel more focused. When I leave my mom, I feel  stronger. Each of you have this magic inside of you.

What is your magic?

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