Sunday, October 5, 2014

Life & Its Little Disasters

Needless to say, I made it thru September to one of my favorite months in the year - October. Appropriately, it has been a completely glorious fall weekend. 

I made a point to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I consumed 1/2 a bag of candied corn. I ate a Pumpkin Spice donut from Krispey Kreme. I ordered a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen. I've even consumed a bowl of chili. (not all in one weekend, mind you!)

Now.. I have to be honest. The weather is in the mid 80s, with super sunny skies... yeah.. I know.. It's the thought that counts. 

While I am steadily packing on the poundage with nutmeg laced calories, I have been trying to regroup a little - both personally and professionally. I hit a lull, and let's be honest, got thrown a curve ball for the 5 bazillionth time, but I'm calm, I'm focused, and honestly, I had a pretty good week. Besides my museum job coming to a close, and the chipping of a temporary crown, September wasn't entirely bad. I've been holding out on the highlights... 

Here they are:

So I took a pottery class for the entire month of September. This is Meg Campbell. She is well known for her incredible clay work & pottery. I guess if you FINALLY get a chance to scratch off one of your bucket list items, you should make sure you learn from the best! Want to learn more about her? Just click here:

I spent a delightful lunch time at Ocmulgee Traders in Downtown Macon. In typical Macon form, I went to have lunch alone and ended up sitting with the owner, two friends, and two new acquaintances. THIS is what it is like to work and live in or near downtown. You always bump into someone you know!

This weekend was the One City Art Festival in Macon. I actually went alone, and of course, in each venue I ran into people I know and adore. Here is one of the gallery/studio spaces at the Contemporary Arts Exchange.

Wine Club - aka weekly therapy - is going well! If it weren't for Brent and I becoming "friends" - our little group would have never formed. Here is a shot from one of our evenings!

One of my favorite people in Macon got married last weekend. About two weeks before her wedding, we threw a little shower for her at our friend Molly's home. Here is Molly's setting the table!

So I had a creme brulee at Lemongrass one day. I sure did. I had to share the photo.

Here are four of my friends from Stephanie's wedding. Jonathon, Stacey, Molly, and Derek.

One of the delicious items served at Stephanie's shower.

Wine Club at our friend Brent's house. Here is Molly hanging out, as Brent drinks wine and strums the guitar for us.

One of the best little lunch places in Macon has "reinvented" itself and is now called - Grow. Appropriate, because every thing is farm to table and locally sourced. I got a little snack spread with some friends.

I got the chance to witness one of the Macon Pops concerts at the Macon City Auditorium. I am so excited, my article in Macon Magazine should be on the stands tomorrow about the next concert!

Sometimes a girl just needs a good drink. The mixologist at Dovetail introduced me to the "Eye Opener." How cool is this restaurant? Well.. Southern Living made a point to feature it! See the article here:

One of the fantastic pop up galleries during the One City Art Festival. Here you see my friend Eric O'Dell's work. He is being interviewed in the window of the gallery. Yes - these are paintings.. not photos.. want to see more? Click HERE:

It's football season and yes, I live in the part of the world where college football (SEC) is king. Got invited to my friend, Bill & Scott's home for a UGA game party.

Was so glad to see my friend Lisa (from down on the coast,) make it back home for a visit. We met up for lunch.

Another shot of the bridal shower at my friend Molly's home.

This is the Hay House - where the wedding took place. It's a beautiful historic home here in Macon,

More goodies at the bridal shower

Need I say more?

Our friend Shane from high school recently opened a pizza shop in downtown Macon. Good stuff!

I have tried many a brunch spot in downtown Macon - NOTHING beats Lemongrass's bottomless mimosas and the Charleston Nasty. This is a piece of fried chicken on a buttermilk biscuit with Kerry Gold White Cheddar and smothered in sausage gravy. Word.

Me & Stephanie at her bridal shower at Molly's home.

Thai Spring Rolls at Lemongrass. Lord. Have. Mercy.

My friend Bill & I at his GEORGIA BULLDAWG party

Lynn & Bill

One of my master pieces. lol

Hanging out late at night at Doughboy Pizza in downtown with Derek and Molly

Brunch at Lemongrass with Stacey, Jeff, and Angel

The beautiful bride at her shower

Stacie, Angel & I at the reception at Stephanie's wedding

Bulldawg time

Me before the wedding - all dolled up!

Molly's home for the shower

I sure do miss living in Birmingham sometimes....

We call it a power lunch. lol Hanging out at Grow with one of the best attorney's in town - Dallas, and PR Darling Molly.

Wine club - Lynn, Me, and Brent. We refer to him as Brenty

Wedding reception at the Hay House. Me, Stacey & Molly


Go Dawgs! - And Football food.

 Needless to say - life could be worse. ;-) I'm hanging in there, I feel good, and I think October is going to bring really GOOD things in my life. I feel it. Just like the leaves are changing, and the sun is setting just a little earlier... it's time to transition into another adventure!

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Savvy WorkingGal said...

You are most definitely an extrovert. You do more in a month than I do in an entire year. So sorry to hear about your job. I think you are right about trying to get out of nonprofit. The economy is still in such a flux you never know when funds will be pulled or unable to be raised. You've also got a great network - use it. Are you a good organizer? I bet you are. Maybe an event planner or social media manager role for a corporation would work for you. Or your own biz. Good luck - you deserve it.


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