Monday, August 26, 2013

.... Hey there! Destination Unknown turned 4!

Wait a minute... I think I remember where I am...

Why yes.. This is my blog!

Well.. Well.. Well.. I've sort of abandoned it, haven't I?

BTW - guess what week this was? Yep.. you got it - My 4th Bloggy Anniversary! My blog is officially growing up. It's been 4 looooong years! For fun, I am going to cut and past a few snippets from Year 1, 2, 3, and now 4.

(All on THIS day, versus on the 22nd, which was the actual birthday!)

Here we go...

August 26, 2009:

I am trying to figure out how to motivate to enjoy this beautiful day.
You would think the fabulous weather mixed with a day packed full of exciting activities would just thrill me.
However I am just plain too tired.
I definitely did not get enough sleep last night and I am paying the price today.
Everything is bothering me lately - and I really need to shake it off.
I am heading to Alabama Adventures today (an amusement park) with Crystal, Yasser and two little kids Crystal was a nanny for. I am going to try to soak in the sun, get spun around a few times and just laugh. Another great surprise - Telisa is coming up for a visit. We have decided to not tell Yass - and really surprise the heck out of him.
You would think with all of these great activities I would be excited - but I am the opposite. I am TIRED. It's like - my brain is happy, my body wants to sleep.
Hopefully after I get some coffee in me.. that will change. It usually gives me a completely different personality!! Sad - but it is an amazing factor in whether or not I am in a good mood. So time to DRINK UP!
Spent a lovely evening (I always feel like I should say lovely when I spend time with my english friend) with Julie and her husband Doug last night. They live in a fantastic old home in southside (which is the historical residential side of downtown Birmingham.) They have a magnificent porch we all sat on - drank wine - while Yass played the guitar.
Okay. Motivation it is. Good Mood I will create. Just got to get off this bed first....
August 26, 2010:
My sister and I are giving each other a little writing assignment. She gave me 7 words for 7 days (as I did the same for her.) Her first word for me is Fierce. Hmmm.. wonder if that was her subconscious mind working on this one.

It is 12:33am here. I am feeling kind of down in the dumps and the exact opposite of fierce.

However, I would be lying if I did not admit that I am a big fan of the word fierce. I like "strong". I like "powerful."  Fierce is just another word I "look up to."

There are all kinds of "fierce" in the world. There's a ferocious dog. There might be a fierce Lion. There might be a "fierce" dress (strong, powerful, sexy) - then there might be a fierce person. I supposed you could choose between Fierce (powerful) or Fierce (scary.)

One image that comes to mind is Tyra Banks calling her super top models "fierce." Makes it okay to come off as a strong, sexy female.

Again, perhaps it is my mood, but I am having a hard time relating to the word fierce tonight. It's a feeling and it's a label. That's about it. When you aren't feeling either - it's hard to express whatever it is that is in your head.

I will ask you this - when you hear the word fierce - what comes to mind??

PS - My writing is totally suffering.. I need some inspiration - FAST! August 26, 2011 Sorry for the crickets on this side of the blogospere... I am in Georgia at my parents home.
I will officially announce the winner of the vacation to Florida on Tuesday when I return home. I am taping the drawing with my niece today. It's just too difficult on THIS computer to upload video.

Now - things I have learned this week:

1. Patience is not a virtue - it's a requirement to survive.

2. If I could find a job where I just lay around and do nothing, I would excel at it.

3. Apparently I am allergic to my parent's cats. Or their dust.. not sure which.

4. That being around people I have not seen in ages - can really make me laugh until I can't breathe!

5. That Autumn (my niece) is the apple of my eye.

6. That I REALLY REALLY hate being away from the egyptian.

7. That I have about 6 different plan b, c, and ds floating through my head.

8. That operating on 4 hours sleep is not enough to drive long distances.

9. That I hate sleeping on couches.

10. That.. oh heck.. I am just not that into the list this week.

Ciao ~ I will be back on Tuesday... or maybe before... who knows. August 26, 2012 Snapshots of my life this weekend...
Do you have a junk plate or bowl? This is my bathroom junk plate.

I made a chocolate peanut butter pie with fat-free milk! PS - For my parent's anniversary.

So many of us use powdered flavor for our water... but I beg you, please pick the proper stuff. See this one? Good stuff.

Even made with Truvia. Give it a try... much better for you than the chemical stuff.

Love my soaps.. random shot of some soaps on stand by. (I buy different kinds and stock up.)

They finally make it BIGGER bottles!

All of my subscriptions came in on the SAME DAY - Friday. It was like Christmas!!! What do you subscribe to?

The two books I'm reading now..

My snack plate in the frig. Do you keep a bowl or snack plate?

This morning I was writing my blog on my balcony.. drinking my coffee...

Working on the crust for the dessert.

The "cleaning the spoon" self portrait.

YUM. With Mediterranean Sea Salt mix sprinkled on top.

Look who came for lunch?

She said she missed me. It's been two weeks since we saw one another...

Such a prankster.

She is such a story teller

How cute.. Autumn left me a little present....

Random shot.. See that little crystal tree? It's from my Brazilian exchange student. He says all families have one.. and it is supposed to bring happiness.

right after we rumbled!

The fruit bowl. ;-) What's in your bowl? We have pears, bananas and oranges.

My wax warmer... in the kitchen.

Do you enjoy hot tea? We've got Truvia for sweets.. Green Tea with Lemongrass and Mint, Green tea with orange/passionfruit/jasmine, and an arabic cardamon tea.

Have you tried this yet??? WOWOWOW.

Mom brought me fresh basil from their garden. A little organic herb!

I actually broke out the cds this weekend. Listened to Andra's Verdi and Romanza and Angelique.

I can only imagine what next year will bring!!

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Leslie Limon said...

Happy Blogiversary! I have enjoyed reading your blog since I first discovered it a couple of years ago via one of those Lady Blogger Tea Party Socials. I hope you will continue blogging/writing, because you are have a true gift for it. :)


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