Saturday, August 10, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

1. Cats are destructive. Beautiful, furry, purry, delicious little bundles of destruction.

2. Living alone is hands down the most awesome thing in the world.

3. I have embraced my singleness and It's awesome.

4. Dating is interesting. I had two dates this week - One was a great conversationalist. The other was very good looking. Both went well. Both want to see me again. I opt.. for ... maybe.

5. Pickles remain awesome.

6. This go around with Weight Watchers has been very successful. Without much trying - I have lost 8 pounds this month. Pretty good.. pretty good.

7. I really need a vacation - again.

8. Vacuuming is incredibly important to me.. and I think my vacuum is on the fritz. Not good peeps... not good.

9. Too much time in the sun made me go from looking like a Lobster.. to now becoming "peel" and eat shrimp. I look like a leper.

10. I'm sooo tired.. you're only getting 10 today.. well.. okay.. maybe 9 1/2.

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