Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coffee and Conversation with YOU

If only I had more time these days to pound out a few early morning posts. *sigh* It seems each year, it gets harder and harder to get out of the bed. I'm tired, oh so very tired.

Most of it is mental. When I have a little stress here and there in my life, I tend to just want to sleep. The only problem is, the sleep does not come easily... except for the mornings. It's amazing how incredibly deep my sleep can be between 3am and 7am.

Looks like another busy work week is ahead. We're busy working on a major funding project, and of course, as the resident writer, it's my job to write the Letter of Intent. I feel like I am back in journalism on a fact finding mission, and it's never easy to get all of the numbers you need to create a great piece.

We have another big opening this Friday, and I think the turn out will be really good. The name of the show is called "Pack a Pistol: The Smoke School of Art." These artists are cutting edge, and the "next big thing" in African American modern art. These artists are based in Atlanta and I am thrilled to promote this show. I do love a good opening. :-)

Other than that, things are finally flowing right along. Setting up for the major funding opportunities and then I get a little break in major events until October or so.

Personally? Staying incredibly busy. This weekend was jam-packed with a dozen activities, hence the lack in posts. I think this week I need to slow it down on the social end of things, I need some me time and I plan to take it. I did that just last night. I watched some tv, had some dinner, and just spent some time thinking.... 

What I would like to pose to those of you reading my blog, I would like some ideas on posts you would like to read. Remember when I used to have themes? Or my sister would give me the "Word of the Day?" Is there something you would like for me to bring back? Or do you just enjoy reading random stories about my not-so-interesting life? 

I feel like I have hit a brick wall.. and instead of throwing in the towel after almost 4 years of keeping this blog, I need to bring back the zest. Unfortunately my old loyal followers and commenters have since fallen off the blog wagon, so it's just you and me - whoever you are! :-) Someone must be stopping by, since the daily views are off the charts... but I'm not sure what you guys might be looking for. 

I hope each and every one of you have a beautiful Tuesday. It's hot and rainy down here in Central Georgia. We've had a fairly rainy summer.. and I am looking forward to a drier Fall.

(PS - You know what is looming... SEPTEMBER. You know.. you know...)

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