Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Power of Words

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"I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man with no feet." ~ Ancient Persian Saying

Oh the power of words. Mightier than the sword, many say.

When I think about how powerful words can be, I only have to look as far as the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the writings of Nostradamus... and know that words can shape an entire belief system.

When I read the Declaration of Independence, or Mein Kampf, or even Machiavelli's "The Prince," I am reminded how quickly we declare what is rightfully ours.

When we receive a Valentine from the one we hope loves us back, or an email from an old colleague, or a home made Christmas card from our children - we are reminded that we do matter and we are loved.

When we read a letter of recommendation, or a manager's evaluation, or maybe a judge's critique - we remember that we do have purpose.

When we receive a trophy for our performance, or a blue ribbon at the science fair - we realize we were given specific talents and that we are able to excel at some thing.

I wonder what words I have used that might have lifted someone up. Or whether I have broken some one down.

I wonder is I am always aware of how I make others feel, or better yet, do they know how they make me feel?

Sometimes, saying nothing at all is even more powerful than unleashing. At least if you are angry enough to defend, you show emotion and emotion means you do care. When you shut someone out, you are saying, "I don't care enough about you to even acknowledge your existence."

The right words can send me soaring for days, minutes, sometimes years. I still remember a note card I got from a director once from a play I was in. I used to be known only as a dancer in the local theater circles, then this director recognized me for what I could be, and turned me into an actress. He saw something others never bothered to see.

I remember one of my professors in college, helping me see what I was good at- versus what I wanted. I originally wanted to report, but she said I had a talent for seeing the big pictures and that I could command respect and pointed me toward Producing.

I remember my ballet teacher pulling me aside one day and reminding me that I am good enough, and not to listen to a certain adult that was trying to put me down. She taught me a very important lesson about jealousy and envy.

I remember the kindness from my interns, as they show me how much they learned, and thank me for taking the time to work with them. When they succeed, I feel like a tiny part of me succeeds.

When my niece looks up at me, smiles, and tells me she really loves me, I see her eyes searching for approval and love. I am so careful to remind her she is beautiful to me and that I love her very much.

When my husband takes the time to look at me, and really see me - not the issues and problems we find ourselves in, and tells me he misses me, or loves me, or whatever - it can send my heart soaring for days.

When I read my Bible, and see the promises God has granted me, and reminds me I am love and there is a reason for my existence, I am able to stand up straight, even though I feel broken.

I remember all of the good things anyone says.. and I carry that with me on a bad day.

I need to remember to be honest and sincere with my gratitude and compliments and advice to others as I move forward in this life.

How will you use your words today?

Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. ~Attributed to both Jonathan Swift and Benjamin Franklin


TV's Take said...

Very true! Words can be great and they can also hurt. I am probably not as careful with my words as I should be (both to myself and to others).

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