Saturday, December 3, 2011

December is my friend

Thank you December for doing me right! I have so many good things to share, and I hope you will take a minute and read!

For one, one of my friends in Jacksonville asked me to send a resume to her sister about a possible position. (Yay!) AND right after that, the company in New Hampshire/Boston Area called me for a second interview!! Sooo... on Monday, I have YET ANOTHER interview. Woot!

THEN... I took off Thursday for a trip/volunteer thing to Savannah, Georgia with one of my best friends here in Macon - Tonya.

Now.. let the pics tell the story:

My trip started out with a two hour wait at Burger King with my friend Tonya, for a volunteer to join us on the two hour drive. We cooled off with $2 Iced Mocha Coffees.. thumbs up from me!

This is my friend Tonya... she and I enjoyed the coffees... I've known Tonya for about 10 years now.. she is a delight...

We met up with two volunteers and enjoyed some yummy Mexican in Savannah...

This is where we stayed. However, we drove in at night - let's just say there were TONS of raccoons and deer!

This was the cabin I stayed in...

After Tonya and I unpacked - we sat up and talked until 1am, and then I settled with my book!

Later - I went for a hike on the campgrounds.... here is what I saw!

This is one of the pics I took with my cell - I love the filters you can play with...

Later- it was time to earn my keep - I helped decorate the Girl Scout lodge for the upcoming Whoville Holiday Jubilation (Dr. Seuss themed party - How the Grinch Stole Christmas..)

One of the volunteers got really creative - she grabbed spanish moss, spray painted a few pine cones and added some balls for extra effect..

My job was to hang lights... whoa.. I'm beat - STILL..

After I finished - and was pouring sweat, I went - took a shower, and had another cup of coffee!

Then we headed down to River Street for dinner..

One of my favorite places to eat was Bernie's on River Street -

I always get the Stuffed Shrimp (FULL of cheese and fried!)

We popped down to the Savannah Candy shop....         

Headed to Moon River Brewing Company - USA Today voted this one of the top 10 haunted places in America..

We also sampled Pralines..

I got a good night sleep and got dressed up 'FESTIVAL' for the event...

Tons of crafts were made - as well as a reading of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas.."

We shared Holiday Traditions...

I thought these were a cute craft - Baby food jars - glue an ornament to the lid (spray paint lid) - add glitter and stuff - and boom - homemade snow globe..

Then we all made non newtonian Ooblick!

Over all - was both fun and exhausting in a good way... You know?

How was your weekend??


scrapwordsmom said... look fantastic!! All smiles and all such WONDERFUL news!! I am soooo happy for you!!!!

Leanne said...

Oh,I LOVE these!!! What a great idea with the snow globes (so cool)!!! All of the photos are wonderful - so peaceful in nature, isn't it? and your eyes are just stunning! :) so glad you had this time . . . I think it was good for you.

The Bipolar Diva said...

What great news! And, Nicole, your eyelashes are to die for!

Kristine said...

Hi Nicole!
Great news!!
Wow!!..Camp Low looks exactly the same as when I camped there for the summer when I was a girl scout thirty years ago??? yikes! I'm old!! LOL.:)

Mama Hen said...

These pictures are wonderful! That is so exciting about the second interview! I wish you all the best! It looks like you had a great time with your friend! I hope you are doing well. You look great!

Mama Hen

LBR said...

love this post. love your photos. love your makeup. love the snow globe. I am so excited to hear about your interviews!!

Yenta Mary said...

What fabulous photos for a great trip! And GOOD LUCK with the interviews!!! Always thinking of you, sending good thoughts ... :)


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