Saturday, December 10, 2011

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This week appears to be a very typical holiday week for an American family. For starters, Tuesday was the Jones County Christmas Parade in Gray, Georgia. My mom, and niece, Autumn and I headed downtown to find the perfect spot on Gray Hwy to catch the floats. Unfortunately, it was very rainy, but as luck would have it, the rain basically stopped right before the parade started. While we waited, Autumn and I were being silly in the truck - and here is our picture.

Right before the parade started, we found my sister sitting down on a bench near  the truck. She had just finished decorating the Graystation Better Hometown float. She was waiting to take pictures of it. Luckily, the float won Santa's Choice award! Way to go!

The parade was short, though Gray is a fairly small town. There were several beautiful floats. My pic of best was the (sorry if I get this wrong) Bradley (something or the other) church. Their float had beautiful lights and a live nativity.

Below you will see me in my holiday red!

Friday night, I went with my parents down to the Middle Georgia Art Association Gallery. The evening's theme was a Holiday Artist Market. Luckily, some of my friends stopped by for a little holiday shopping.

Lisa & I

Mom & Dad
 My mom is an artist and my dad is a calligrapher. Mom also happens to be the President of the Art Association. 
I fell in love these photographs by a Russian photographer names Demetri.

Leslie & Lisa

I met a friend of my parents, Alistair Quinn, owner of Quinnsgate Glassworks. He has beautiful, custom made stained glass art work. If you are looking for something unique and collectible, I would highly recommend you check out his website (high lighted above) and order a piece. He is also willing to create a unique piece for you.

 Another beautiful piece by Alistair.

A side note, he and his wife are two of the nicest people at the Gallery. As a matter of fact, their vision/design for the new logo will be unveiled soon!
More of his work.

I could not make out the name of this artist, but I was highly impressed with the work. Everything is handmade, and is smooth wood. Beautiful pieces!

More of this artist's items. These razors are amazing!

I fell in love with this set!

These wood bowls were beautiful.

I met another board member of the gallery, Karen, and she is the artist of this amazing jewelry. I WANT the cameo. She explained to me that she took a folk art class at the Joseph Campbell Folk Art School in North Caroline. What a wonderful craft she picked up!

My mom painted these ornaments - which I totally think are a steal! $3, $5, $8 and $12 options. If you guys like one, or would like me to post some, we should be able to ship some out in time for Christmas. I am trying to talk her into putting items on Etsy. Hopefully soon!

Here are the tiny ornament options. $3 a piece.

Over all the event was a success. The artists on display sold items, and the socializing was good. I met an interesting photographer, a jeweler, and a few other interest characters.

What I was disappointed in were a few of the members of the gallery standing around talking negatively about some of the people. What they did not know - is that I am the daughter of the president, and was aware of what was going on. 

On Saturday, we went to Graystation Better Hometown's Second Saturday Festival in Downtown Gray. If you aren't familiar, my sister is the Director of Graystation Better Hometown, and is the organizer of the event.

This event was developed to drum of more business to the downtown area. Also, to encourage the citizens of Gray to actually come together in a safe, fun, and free environment.

Again, Mom set up a booth. Here is more of her art work. Everything hand painted and for sale. Interested? Let me know!

My father does calligraphy, and this is a sample of his items. These are also for sale!

This piece in particular is very beautiful.

More of mom's ornaments for sale.

See the small framed pic? That's from a picture of Alexandria, Egypt - my husband's hometown.

She has homemade note cards also.

Here's my mom dressed as Mrs. Claus. LOL

Here are some resident's of Jone's County writing letters to Santa.

Autumn colored this poster in!

BTW - the event went very well. More community vendors got involved. The only thing that disappointed me was to hear that the business owners in downtown Gray (which is only 3 or 4 shops) were complaining that the street as blocked off. Parking was offered to the sides and behind the buildings - and was not an issue. This event draws more people than typically show up on the weekends to shop. After hearing that the shop owners called the Mayor, asking for the street to be unblocked, and was complaining- as a new citizen of Jones County, I was irate. Seriously? I have made sure to attend these festivals, write about them, and encourage others to participate. This was such a turn off. But there is even more to this story.. keep reading...

All of the children's activities in Santa's Workshop were free!

My sister stayed up all night making salt dough ornaments for the children to paint.

Graystation Better Hometown was selling hot apple cider and hot cocoa as a fundraiser for the organization - so they can continue to let the events be free.

Sooo.. apparently they spoke with the shop owners, to let them know. THEN, I discovered that one of the shops were handing out free apple cider to guests.

My mom worked as Mrs Claus reading a story book.

Ingles was wonderful to donate all of these desserts for the cake walk. Great to see big business doing their part.

Graystation Better Hometown committee members.

I went into Treasure by the Tracks and purchased a little something for the egyptian for Christmas.

I went into the bookstore and picked up two new books. Keema informed me that the entire month of December all $1 books are buy one get one free.

Overall I had a great time. I am slowly getting into the holiday spirit.
The grinch award goes to a a few grumpy people, unfortunately. 

I wonder when people will realize that if you work together, you can accomplish so much more. Not to mention, when you stop "self serving," beautiful blessings come your way.

Just my thoughts for this holiday season!

Choose galleries and local shops.

PS- Just got word that at the end of the event the shop owners came out one by one and were impressed with how many people showed up and asked could they help with anything.

I am glad to hear that. ;-)


Nicole said...

Correction - John Campbell School!

Dizzy C said...

The glasswork is beautiful.

The ornaments your mum painted as so lovely.

Looks like a great day, and lovely to see more of your family.

It is weird for me seeing you all decked out for Christmas in sunshine. Here in the UK it is grey, and cold :)


Bossy Betty said...

Hey! Sounds like a great day and I love all the local artist's stuff. Hope you are doing well! Sorry I have not been by lately.


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