Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas and All That Jazz

Merry Christmas! We made it through yet another holiday season, fairly unscathed!

I have to admit, I really had a wonderful holiday. Between spending time with my family, going to church on Christmas Eve, and then wrapping it up out at the farm with my S.G., everything went swimmingly!

Guess what I am typing this on? My brand new laptop bought by my guy! Whether you know it or not, my personal laptop that just about every post has been written on since the beginning of my blogging days died a year ago. Perhaps now I will spend a little more time spreading my dribble to your news feed.

Back to Christmas...

I made a point (right after Thanksgiving) to have the Best Advent Ever! (and I did!) I followed two different Advent devotions and made a point to read them, watch the videos, and I even bought the book that went with one. It's a new liturgical year, and according to Pope Francis, it is the Year of Mercy. I am working on incorporating acts of mercy into my day to day activities. Not an easy task, I tell you!

On Christmas Eve, my SG drove up from the farm and joined me at my sister's home. We spent that afternoon consuming some yummy Chinese Food and simply relaxing. Later, we drove to my parent's home and opened presents and had a delicious dinner with my people. Simply a lovely time! SG really was spoiled by my parents with some great gifts! 

We made it back to my house to prepare for that night. I took him to my church for Midnight Mass. 

We gathered there at 10:30 that night and did not leave until 1:30 that morning! Drove back to my house, slept like logs, and got up and drove down to SG's house.

Another great dinner followed by more presents and something called Christmas CRACK!! (Google it.. you'll love it.)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I'm sure I will have better stuff much, much later!

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