Friday, December 11, 2015

Things I've Learned This Week

Remember this?

Here we go:

1. That cutting carbs is the only way to real weight loss for me. Apparently Weight Watchers agrees. I went to input my numbers on Monday and the app had changed to a whole new system with new points and everything. More protein and less sugar is what they want. Yes is the answer. It works.

2. I am a planner up to a point. I hate flying by the seat of my pants, but I really hate not following through. If I make plans, I have to keep it simple. Period.

3. I am still sensitive to folks bashing Muslims. I suppose my exposure to that way of life is deeply ingrained in me and it is what it is. I deleted 4 people from Facebook this week.

4. I need a REAL vacation. It's time to get away. I'm tired.

5. I love cheese.
No seriously.
I have to eat cheese every day.

1 comment:

Ann Bennett said...

It is rough to live in central Georgia with the outlook of so many people. I am a native but it was not lost on me Macon was a good place for Trump and his shallowness. I'm not surprised by the opinions. I am just so ashamed our governor and the like are so hostile to the Syrian refugees.

I have known only a few Muslims but each one was an admirable person.


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