Monday, October 26, 2015

With An Open Heart.. except when it comes to the Jones County Fair.

I guess the universe is trying to tell me to have an open heart. 

Today's devotional/meditation was exactly about that, and this weekend, that was the overall theme. I need to open up and just be in the moment and except things as they are.

I had a super-jam-packed week. Tuesday night I attended a party for a friend at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. It was a private party for one of Macon's most successful entrepreneurs, Jean Bragg, owner of Travis Jean. Jean won a private catered, party with DJ from an auction, and invited 40 people she wanted to spend a good Tuesday night with. We ate BBQ from Satterfield's and drank wine. We danced to the 50s, 60s, and 70s music - it was all a lot of fun. It was good to hang out with some friends and just live a little. I was open.. and I had a blast.

Wednesday night I attended a recorded forum for GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) at Just Tap'd called Issues & Ales. We spent two hours discussing what it means to be Southern. I shared my opinion on tradition (and where that comes from,) and on the Confederate flag. I explained my reaction to flying the Battle Flag, and how as a museum director of a Confederate Museum, it was difficult for me and why. Very interesting stuff and good conversation. Want to hear it? 

I also got another chance to share my knowledge on GPB, I was interviewed by Michael Caputo about two stories I was working on in my freelance work for the 11th Hour. Want to hear that?

That took place on Monday afternoon. See? The week was full... and guess what I did? I kept an open mind and open heart. I had too. Life is too nerve wracking if not.

Friday night SG came up and we took the Spirits in October Tour by the Riverside Conservancy. It's a nighttime "spirits" tour of Macon's most notable "ghosts" that made unexpected exits. We had a good time. After the tour we went to Texas Roadhouse for PRIME RIB. I was in heaven. I got a side of green beans and a sweet potato. Delish and totally on my plan. (I tell you this, because I lost 2 pounds over the weekend!!) 

That night we slept like babies. On Saturday, we had to head to one of my events at the museum: Millie's Story Time. It was an Alice in Wonderland theme (150th birthday!) Kids came in costume, we played games, had a very merry unbirthday party, and yes, I portrayed the Queen of Hearts. 

After the story time, we visited the Central Georgia Greek Festival. We enjoyed checking out the church, I ate a gyro while we watched Greek dancing and listened to traditional Greek music. I really enjoyed the jewelry vendors there. Especially with the amount of evil eye jewelry they have! (Which I have a soft spot for!)

After the festival, I drug SG to the mall and we did a bit of shopping, followed by a good nap at the house. That night.. oh that night... my heart was not as open... not very much... heck.. not at all.

Vent Time.

I was soooo excited to go to the fair with SG. There is a small county fair that supports the Lions Club in Gray. I like the Lions Club, I really like their mission and the members are always so very nice. Well.. the fair in Jones County is a fundraiser for them. It's a real-deal fair complete with all of the fun rides, vendors, etc. 

I had to twist SG's arm a little to go, and to do so, instead of deciding to eat at the fair (remember, we are both watching our weight,) we decided to eat at the local Pickle Barrel. As we are getting ready to go, SG asks, "Should we get some cash?" (Neither one of us ever carries cash. Everyone has credit card readers now, and I said, "No. Remember at the festival yesterday? Even they had a Square." We ride out to the fair. We circle numerous times looking for a parking space in the limited field. Finally snag one and head to front. 

It's only $10 for the two of us, and that is just perfect. I walk up, all peppy and excited and ask, "Do you except cards?" The older gentleman says, "No." The woman next to him (possibly late 40s) looks to the people behind me and says... "Next." 
I step to the side and ask her, "Do you have an atm inside or nearby?" 
She says, "Inside." Then she proceeds to take the money from the couple behind us. I look behind me and see people guarding the gate... you can't get in without a ticket, and you can't get  a ticket without cash. We are in the middle of a field. No business nearby.

"Ma'am, may we send someone in to get the cash and come back to pay you. One of us will stand here." She just shrugs. I'm getting pissed. "Ma'am.. where inside is the atm?" 
She looks at me and sneers, "I don't know."

Lord Have Mercy. I wanted to jump over that thing she was sitting in and strangle her. 
It's been said by soooooooooo many, people in Jones County are not always the friendliest. This was a perfect example. 

I looked at SG... he walked over and talked to the old guy at the guard area and he let him through. I noticed tons of people congregating where I was waiting, and as I eavesdropped, I could hear that this was happening to so many people.

Now.. before you judge me for poor planning, do know, we tried to find a website through google search and instead found a Jones County News article. Which had zero info on pricing or that they only took cash. We found a FB page - nothing. 

THEN... to add insult to injury, SG comes back and says, the ATM is out of order. 

I turned to the woman and said, "Well.. your ATM is out of order." She just shrugged her shoulders.

Dear Lord... I would say so much more... 

By the time we made our way to the car, we just looked at each other, deflated. It would be near impossible to find parking, and at this point I was just too damned mad. We drove off.. and whether they will ever feel my possible $60 profit loss... I'll never know. But I will tell you one thing, I will never forget how I was treated. 

Good thing I was not showing up to do a story on the event. ;-) 
Oh.. but... lol

Anyway.. we left, went to Starbucks and enjoyed coffee with a friend. Followed by a drink at Cheers and a trip to IHOP to wrap up the night.

I'm still mad.

Sunday was better, lots of rest, watching of movies, and All You Can Eat Shrimp at Red Lobster. 


How was your weekend?

Was your heart open? lol

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