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Autumn Shenanigans and Other Stories Around the Southeast

Pumpkin Spice Latte
“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” 
~ L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

It's sort of a white girl cliche' to look forward to your very first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. These lattes are seasonal treats, and you know, once you have that first taste, Fall is in the air. We begin to look at the leaves a little closer, putting on our sunglasses to catch those warm hues, only to remove them and see the still-green leaves. We begin to dig in the back of our closets, hoping to pair that fantastic plum colored scarf with those new dark jeans and brown riding boots. However, if you live in the South, you know it will be a few more weeks until you are able to truly embrace the season.

Which is what I am doing. Embracing the season. By doing so, I have so many new goals and ideas, I am just bursting at the seams to get started on them all! Though I have not written in my blog for a while now, I have pulled together enough life experiences to have some decent content for a while. 

For one, I have been working fairly hard at the Cannonball House, the museum I run. We've added a lot of new programming, and I wanted to make sure that it goes well, so I am pushing those events into the community. I've also picked up quite a bit of freelance work! I wrote some articles I am very proud of in the latest issue of Macon Magazine, and the work I am doing in the 11th Hour is getting a little buzz - even on Georgia Public Broadcasting! Not bad for a former journalist- turned PR chick - turned Museum director/freelance writer. Not bad at all. 

Hanging out in City Market, a boutique and art gallery area of Savannah, Georgia
Earlier this season, SG (Sweet Guy) and I headed down to Savannah to celebrate the union of two of my dear friends, JJ & PC. What was so exciting about this trip was that it marked the first official gay wedding that I will attend in Georgia that was completely legal. That's right - #lovewins and now Gay Marriage is legal in Georgia. 

Relaxing on the Savannah River
Outside of the wedding festivities, SG and I got the opportunity to spend some quality time together. We sat outside by the Savannah River, with our touristy frozen drinks from Wet Willies, just soaking up the cool air and sunny skies. 

Hanging out at the Wedding on Tybee Island
Of course, being Georgia and all, my hair was not cooperating. Humidity was at an all time high and I have seen better days with the frizz. 

The Happy Couple
The wedding was absolutely adorable. There were so many little personal touches, that unless you knew the couple well, you might not pick up on them. I thought the vows were incredibly romantic.. and of course, the theme got right to the point: "Let's Do This."

Adorable Wedding Cake
Sad to say, I never got a slice of this delicious cake. 

Kevin Barry's Irish Pub, Savannah
That final night in Savannah, SG and I went to my favorite Irish Pub, Kevin Barry's on River Street, and enjoyed a pint and some great sing-along Irish tunes. This was a first time experience for SG and he loved it!

Guinness at Kevin Barry's
When in Rome... 

Bourbon Bar, Macon, GA
Speaking of good drinks, SG and I have frequented the Bourbon Bar in Macon. It is a new spot that is owned and operated by Adam and Becky Dennis. You can read more about the bar in my 11th Hour article HERE

Pumpkin Spice Martini
My friend, Ryan, is the Beverage Director of the Bourbon Bar and he created this fantastic Pumpkin Spice Martini. (Made with pureed pumpkin) The ingredients all come the Dirt Farmers (You can read more about them HERE - another article I wrote for the 11th Hour.)

Campfire at the Farm
You can't get into Fall without a good campfire. In late September, SG made one in the backyard at his farm. The girls got to roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and make good old fashioned S'mores. 

Kid's Kitchen at the Cannonball House

Kid's Kitchen
Speaking of kids making snacks, we have really done an impressive job with our educational programs at the museum. Our education coordinator taught a "Kids Kitchen" for kids in Kindergarten to 3rd grade. These adorable little ones got to make apple tarts from scratch! It went so well!

Raggedy Ann Cake by Erica
We even added story time to our program! In September, we celebrated Raggedy Ann's 100th birthday! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE children's literature (which, let's be honest, without those great stories I would not be interested in story telling..) We found a great way to celebrate an oldie but goody! My friend, Erica, made this amazing Raggedy Ann cake! It was the highlight of the entire event. Of course, we had to serve it on our finest silver. ;-)

The staff made a beautiful banner made of rags! 

Brenda read the story of Raggedy Ann!

And of course, there were crafts and games!
This weekend we will celebrate Alice in Wonderland's 150th Birthday! I can't wait to share with you those pics. If you are passing through or live in middle Georgia, it is only $1 to attend! 11am at the Cannonball House!

Picking muscadines on the farm!
Right before it got cold, I got to go muscadine picking for the final goodies with Karen-Ann. We got bowls full. (Which I am pretty sure I snacked on for a solid two weeks.) Delish! SG's farm is simply the best!

Turkish Food
I'm fairly lucky to know the people I know, and my friend Melissa, who happens to run the 567 For Renewal, spent a couple of years teaching in Turkey. Each year she celebrates with her friends in Macon with a Turkish feast! As you guys know, middle eastern food is near and dear to my heart, so of course I went. I had to miss it last year, but that was not the case in early October!

Pouring Turkish Chai
We enjoyed a delicious assortment of goodies, and at the end, Melissa served Turkish Tea - or Chai. 

Turkish Coffee
And of course, the piece de resistance - Turkish Coffee. MY FAVORITE THING EVER. 

Speaking of teas and coffees.. I started throwing some tea parties, and they are going really well!! 

October Themed Tea Party
This last one was a little smaller than the first. I only had 6 people, but it IS Football season and we are in the SEC. (It is like a religion down here.) 

Tea Party foods prepared by Telisa
My friend, Telisa, prepared all of the lovely foods I served. We had Lemon Cucumber tea sandwiches, rose meringues, pimento cheese tea sandwiches, & pumpkin spice cones. 

Parties have always been my thing... 
I recently attended a party that had the most BEAUTIFUL floral arrangement. (If you are into that kind of thing... which... I am!)

Home in Shirley Hills where the party was thrown
The party was held in an older neighborhood in Macon called Shirley Hills. Denny & Sambo had a few of the patrons from my museum over to celebrate our year of great success. 
Their home is VERY much a typical Southern home - complete with columns and amazing outdoor entertaining space. 

Beautiful screened in porch
See what I mean about the screened in porch. We Southerners love our porch parties. 

That floral arrangement!
Back to the beautiful flowers - see them? Wowza! It was a great night. 

Historic Andersonville
A few weeks ago, I took SG's girls to Historic Andersonville (in SW Georgia.) We watched a little Civil War reenactment, ate hot dogs, and keeping with the Autum-esque theme, ordered pumpkin spice gelato!

Quilter at Historic Andersonville
I always enjoy chatting it up with craftsmen, and I took a few minutes to chat with this quilter. I asked her so many questions, especially since my Grandma Thurston was a quilter. I never got to really talk to her about her quilts before she died, but I do love them!

Did I mention Alabama whipped Georgia's behind in football?

No big surprise there. lol

Grand baby time!
No doubt, SG sneaks in as much time as he can with baby Cotton. 

Mercer Strings 
I had a wonderful experience at Rotary recently! We got a special treat from Amy Schwartz Moretti and her strings students!

Peanuts are a major crop in Georgia
Lucky me, I get to travel to SW Georgia most weekends and indulge in their best crop/product - and that's fresh hot boiled peanuts! Very Fall! (Check that one off of my list.) I consider myself to be a boiled peanut connoisseur! 

Hay Ride!
You can't welcome in Fall without a decent Hay Ride! We headed down to Mark's Melon Patch and enjoyed a ride around his farm!

Sunflower Fields in South Georgia
Another excellent Fall crop are the Sunflowers! I visited my first Sunflower field!! I was blown away by these beauties!

And the Zinnias... oh my word. I have a new found appreciation for this basic flower! They are beautiful!

Me picking a pumpkin
We did take some time and pick pumpkins last weekend. A necessary step in a perfect October!

Our pumpkins on the pier at the cabin
Our Pumpkins at night 
Needless to say, October has been fantastic!

I've got a few more doozies to knock off before I wrap this month up, but all is going well!

Tell me about some of your Autumn traditions? What's new in your world?

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