Monday, September 28, 2015

Golden Leaves and Crisp Winds

Thank heavens I live in a world where there is such a thing as Autumn. It almost feels like a we are celebrating a new year, a new promise of sorts. 

Though I had a fantastic Summer, it is always a treat to begin again, a new. 

For me, this will require a quick trip to my storage unit to pull out all of my clothes that are fall/winter. That includes the boots, the coats, maybe a few other little things here and there. Unfortunately down here, it is never a good idea to put up your summer clothes because many a Christmas I have sat around in t shirts and the a/c on. You just never know with our weather.

Life is trudging along nicely. I am incredibly busy at work! We celebrate Raggedy Ann's 100th Bday party and are about to have our next Miss Elizabeth's Tea Party. I'm still taking off down to the cabin every chance I get (which will be this coming up weekend,) and of course, spending a little time with cats and family in between.

September is almost coming to a close, and we all know how excited I am for that to happen. I guess some of the more unlucky incidents were fairly minor in some respects:
- SG's kids having an allergic reaction to something
- Getting pulled over by the GSP (verbal warning)
-Spilling coffee all over my white shirt before a speaking engagement
- Getting turned down for two important grants for the museum

As you can see... well..

Sorry but today's post is a little bland. I'm super sleepy (due to allergy meds,) and I am trying to wrap up a work day. 

Also - I'm on a diet. Ugh. 
9.4 pounds down!

Happy Fall, my friends... until next time!

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