Friday, May 8, 2015

Wanting to Sit Still (Plus my Friday Favorites!)

I'm having one of those days/weeks/months where I get a little introspective. As I begin to pack up my life, I realized I have not sat still for over 5 years - EVER.

I looked back over my 42 years of life and recounted all of the places I have lived. I have not lived in the same place over 5 years. How depressing is that?

No real sense of home. No place to just decompress.

I believe that is why it is so important to me to have my "things" around me. My "stuff" has become home. Last night, I packed up all of my books. The written word has always brought me great comfort. I am glad to have that. You can only imagine the sense I loss I felt last night as I packed up my friends. I had to say goodbye to inspiration, my therapists, my life line. Everything is going into storage for... who knows how long.

You are probably wondering why don't I just strike out on my own? Well, I can't right now. Financially, I need to rebuild my savings. I love my job, but it is only a part-time position with the museum. Yes, I am the Executive Director, but our hours of operation cannot withstand full time employees. I am supplementing with freelance writing opportunities. I feel blessed to have been able to live off of my savings over the past 6 months, but the savings did exactly what I needed it to do - get me through a crunch. Now with my roomie leaving, I am left with little choice but to move in with my sister.

That's okay. All of it is. I love what I do. I love who I work with. I love the writing (which is really what I wish I could do full time.. maybe one day...) but for now, I need to take care of me.

And ME.. just wants to sit still for a while.

Moving on...

I'm starting a new thing with my blog (as you could tell yesterday,) it was a Throwback Thursday, where I will recount a specific time from my past. On Fridays, I want to share with you what I have fallen in love with! Either I own it, or I want it!

Okay.. with all of the personal budget cuts, I've had to make a few adjustments in areas I do NOT like to compromise. One of those is foundation. I was using Christian Dior's Star (studio ready,) which is very expensive, but AWESOME. I had to do a little soul searching and I think I may have found a decent "drug store" alternative. It pains me to admit it, but it works equally as well and for about $50 less. I bought this:

I have to say, it really does a fantastic job. I bought my bottle in Nude Beige. It goes incredibly smooth, smudges out fine lines and discoloration, and feels like silk. 

Okay. Done. 

Another thing I am working on is getting serious about my gym plan. One of many things keeps me from going as regularly as I would like. 1. I live close to my job and my gym is far away. Clearly, I go home more often than not. 2. My feet kill me when using the treadmill. (I blame years of ballet.) Plus my shoes are crap. 3. Finally - I'm am busty. a 42 G to be exact. No sports bra seems to work.

Well.. I have research and come back with some serious findings. 1. My sister lives 20 minutes from Macon. There is a 9 year old there. If I am going to get any "me time" - it is going to have to be at the gym. So - that will require me to go after work. Fixed that problem.

I researched the best shoes for my issues. Here is what I found:
Review after review recommends this shoe. It is the ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 20 Running Shoe and runs between $80 - $160. 

This running shoe offers a blend of stable support and stretchy comfort, ideal for a neutral to overpronating stride.

One person said, "'I've always wondered why people buy pricey athletic shoes. From outward appearances they look deceptively similar. After I bought these I understand why. Not a runner, I bought these because I have nerve damage to my feet, & they were available in a wide width. I also spend a lot of time on concrete floors(school). By the end of any work day I'm in misery. Seriously, this shoe I don't want to take off even when I arrive home. Best investment I've made in a shoe. I may even start running! Oh, and did I mention that I've received so many compliments on these shoes?"

I feel like I have found a winner. 

Then to address the final problem - the sports bra for a busty girl. 
I think I may have a solution:

Glamorise Women's No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra. 

Yep. Comes in my size and in numerous colors. According to the site:
For fuller busted women seeking upper bust control, full coverage, and medium impact support. Open mesh cami design provides breathable upper bust containment during active workouts. Reinforces wire-free cups provide exceptional support and comfort while the moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry.

Best part? Under $25. Here's hoping for the best!


Those are my top picks for this week! I hope everyone has a great weekend! As always, I'm busy busy busy. But I wanted to take the time and make an effort to write daily again. 


Until next time.. 


Ann Bennett said...

Bra is great. Buy the more expensive glamorize version at Just My Size online. It has better support. Measure your ribcage. These bras are based on actual ribcage measurement.

The ascis are also great. I have bought the expensive and the less expensive. They are both good.

Take care

Ann Bennett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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