Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Showing a Little Mercy

I'm not having the best of weeks.

It is coming down to the wire, and the stress of life is building up. Luckily, it is temporary and there is an end in sight.

My move is happening in about 4 weeks. I have exactly that amount of time to get my stuff boxed up, throw out what I don't want, and put my things into storage for an undetermined amount of time.


Good stuff? I secured the storage unit. I got in on a deal - first month 1/2 off, and then the price will be less than a $100 a month. Plus - I will have access to it as early as June 1st. This is good.

I ordered the internet and it was installed yesterday at my sister's home. Granted, they will enjoy a month of net with me not there, it is good to have this done and taken care of. Again - this is good.

I reserved and confirmed the Uhaul for the 13th. I got everything I needed for that, as well as, got another friend to help my SG and I load the truck. Again... this is good.

But then there is the stress that surrounds me. The house, currently, is an absolute wreck. Boxes everywhere. Stuff stacked high in little organized boxes. The chaos throws me for a loop. It seems the right thing for me to do is use this weekend to buckle down and finish the packing...

But nope. I'm going down to the cabin.
I have to.

I need a mental break - in general. Transitions are my specialty. But I know when enough is enough. I need to get away from the chaos and recharge my battery.

Between battling our land lord on what we will and will not replace, to coming up with the extra money to pay for all of the connections, rentals, etc - it starts to take a toll on you.

For instance, last night I stopped by Walmart to pick up 4 blinds that need to be replaced. I bought what I thought were the right size. I came home, tried to install them, and discovered quickly they were too big. This morning, as I was cursing and spitting under my breath, I walk into the big box chain store from hell and run into an old friend I worked with in television. She was all smiles and compliments. It was so refreshing to see an old familiar face, and it sort of calmed me a little. I headed over to customer service to do an exchange, only to find out the size I need is out of stock.


I drive from East Macon to Zebulan Rd (no quick way there,) and head to the other Walmart. At this point, I am about to blow a gasket. Any good of running into an old friend was completely shattered. As I walk into this store, one of my board members comes up behind me. She is always a delight to chat with and we commiserate about transitions and whatnot. I felt better, I laughed, I smiled. Then as I turned down the aisle... there in all of their generic glory were my blinds. I grabbed four and headed for the checkout.

I was shown a bit of mercy today. It all seems trivial and ridiculous, but as I was telling my SG, I try to stay 5 steps ahead of everyone else. I like to be prepared for life's little surprises, but for whatever reason, my patience is wearing thin.

I need to refocus. I need to recharge. I need to head to that cabin.

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