Friday, November 14, 2014

I'm back.. and I'm great!

You missed me?

I'm back. 

And I'm doing great.

Obviously, I started a new job and a few others things have blossomed, so I needed some time to work through the kinks to see what would transpire.

The new job? It's great. Honestly! I'm learning so much and trying very hard to process everything that is happening around me. 

I'm still freelancing on the side. It seems as if all of the projects are coming down on me at one time, and needless to say I've been slightly overwhelmed. Too many chiefs... and here I am trying to learn a new job. *woosaa*

Great news on the personal front - met a new guy! I was actually talking to one guy and unfortunately he is just too busy with his life, but out of nowhere a new person swooped in who happens to have the time for me and is so much fun! We went on a fantastic date last Saturday night (he randomly asked me on Thursday night.) Best decision ever! Stay tuned for more on that one later.

I hope to get back in the swing of writing soon - with actual topics (like I did back in the day.) 
Let me situate.. and figure out life a little, and I assure you I will catch everyone back up! 

Hope everyone is having a great night!


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