Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Read Any Good Books Lately

I love my Kindle. Everyone who knows me, typically know my Kindle is not too far away from wherever I am sitting. I simply love to read, and to write. However, the past couple of weeks, I have not been able to do either.

Nothing is wrong - I'm just distracted.

Each night I open up my Kindle and begin one of the five or six books I have tried to start, and unfortunately can't get into. They are all delightful books, just none are holding my attention.


It's frustrating. Heck, even when it comes to the blog, I simply cannot think of anything to share. Nothing even remotely dramatic is going on in my life (and no, I am not complaining,) and the few things that might be bothersome are not things I can discuss (like work or personal relationships.) Which, btw, are not bothersome... just trudging through a heavy work schedule and trying to navigate the waters of dating/relationships at 40.

Then last night, this person I know asked me if I were a work-a-holic. Seriously.
Now here is what you need to know about me - Yes, I work and sometimes I have to work events and other things, so it looks like I spend a lot of time working. However, I am the queen of saying no and doing what I want to do, versus what someone else wants me to do. Sooo.. I have to say I was incredibly put off by the comment. Yuck.

Back to the books...

Here is what is currently open on my Kindle (with a few chapters being read of each:)
- A Religion of One's Own by Thomas Moore
- Reshaping It All - Candace Cameron
- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer - Seth Smith
- Lean In - Sheryl Sandburg
- Cult - Warren Adler
- My Booky Wook - Russell Brand
- The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho


Can't seem to get far with any of these books.

What are you reading so far?

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