Monday, April 21, 2014

What Are YOU doing?

I'm just going to break it down - I've been busy.

It's good! It's better than good - it's awesome.

I am finally taking a moment to catch every one who may still be reading (btw - who IS still reading, I see lots of page views, but very few comments... just like to know if you guys are still out there, not just passing through. :-) 

Let's begin, shall we?

Afternoon margaritas with my roomie have been a life saver!

Enjoyed a wonderful lunch with someone on Saturday.. lol... coloring was involved. 

Loved having my Dad hang out with me on the balcony.. smoking his cigar. 

Oh yeah.. the container garden is coming along nicely... 

Also spent an afternoon at a winery with someone special. Good times.. 

Enjoyed spending time with my friends, Bill, Angel, Stephanie, and Scott at Travis Jean - an upscale "New Orleans inspired" gallery and antique store. 

My friend Angel hanging out at the Magnolia Street Soap Box derby

I scored some tickets... who's going with me?

Working extremely hard at work with our Dir. of Edu and my friend, Tonya. 

Did I mention the massive and wildly successful press conference we had?

Hanging out with my good friend, Scott. 

A slight wipe out at the soap box derby

Was an absolute blast in downtown Macon. 

My roomie and I

Someone's last day as a 7 year old!

Hanging out with my friends Bill & Molly

Celebrated Autumn's birthday with a Zombie theme.. AND.. it was Easter. 

Progress is coming along well.. 

Our new museum should reopen to the public in March of next year.

Coming alone beautifully and ON SCHEDULE!

More friends at the Soap Box Derby... 

Food trucks and everything. Was a GREAT Saturday. 

Hanging out with David and Lynn (outside of Chris & Carey's home.)

My plants are coming along well.. this was right before I potted them officially. 

I scored some baked mac & cheese from a food truck that sold all types of mac & cheese in a bowl!

It's hard to get a photo of him... I found him hiding in my bathroom. lol 

Some of my favorite girls - Angel (a writer,) Stephanie (a writer & Advertising professor,) Me (a writer and Marketing Dir) and my sweet roomie. Three writers and a blonde walk into a bar... ;-)

Little man has been sick - AGAIN. 4th URI in a year. Pray for his health. 

More soap box derby fun

Bow down to the princess... or maybe I'm a fairy.. not sure... 

Happiness with my niece and sister

My goodness is her hair turning slightly red and her freckles are coming out. The Scotch Irish is strong in this one. 

C'est Moi - Selfie

Hanging out with friends Friday night at the Hummingbird - Watching Floco Torres perform. (Jeff, Danny, & Lynn.)

Now what have YOU been up to. Tell me!

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