Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tea Parties, Rappers, and Life's Little Surprises

This week was just full of surprises. 

I woke up Monday morning, finally feeling a sense of peace and calm. I actually got a good night's sleep, awake feeling energized and motivated, then I set out to embark on a new week.

Things have been going fantastically at the Cannonball House. We just got word that we are going to receive a grant from the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) to help restore one of our front columns. This is a very important, as well as, necessary task. (Not to mention, very expensive.) Today we are going through round two for the Watson Brown grant. The Junior Board is arriving for a site visit, and if we receive this, along with the DAR grant, we will have all the funds we need to complete the task! That would be a huge bee in our bonnet!

That Monday morning, I made it back to the gym (first time in weeks, if I am being honest with myself. I pushed myself harder than I have in a while, and it felt good. That bit of sweat and exertion just put me into a deeper state of relaxation. 

Then I got home.

I got the word that my roomie was moving on the greener pastures. (Aka moving on with her significant other,) and I would have to make other plans in late June. Alas, my life is flipped upside again. Luckily, my sister will be my port in the storm, until I figure out the next chapter in my life. I'll be moving back to Jones County this summer, living with her and my niece temporarily. Yes, my stuff will end up back in storage, and yes, I will be staying in my niece's room, but this too shall pass. I just don't have enough time to figure out my next move. Until then, I can help her out with Auttie Blossom and save a little money in the process. 

Though that surprise was slightly unwelcome, I did find a few small blessings along the way!

For one, very good friends have come along to offer me boxes, help with moving, and general good vibes. I am completely thankful for these people. Luckily, my friends Betsy & Gary got married last weekend, and with that came tons of boxes of gifts shipped to them. Now I have bubble wrap, scrunchy paper, and box after box. 

Just last night a series of good deeds came my way. My friend, Scott, called and asked me to dinner. His partner, Bill, was out of town, and my SG lives almost two hours away, so we went to eat Thai at a local restaurant called, "Lemongrass - A Thai Bistro," which is owned by my friend Gary. 

I opted for the Green Chicken Curry. YUUUUMMMM

After dinner, I popped by Roasted, and saw my friends, Floco Torres do a free concert for his latest release, #dreamboard with producer/DJ Shawty Slim. (Yes, THE Shawty Slim.)

Following the concert, my friend Molly from Southern Bon Vivant, invited me for a drink at Dovetail, a farm-to-table restaurant in Downtown Macon.

Our friend, Ryan, whipped us up a delicious glass of Sangria. 

Earlier that day, I got the opportunity to meet a ridiculously talented chef by the name of Michael Wright. He is the Corporate Chef for the HotPlates Restaurant Group. He has traveled and worked under some of the most talented Executive Chefs in the Southeast. I interviewed him for an article that I am writing for Macon Magazine. 

I also got the opportunity to interview tons of super talented coaches for this summer's Otis Music Camp for the 11th Hour. (Otis.. as in Otis Redding.) 

Lots of good writing ops ahead. 

Finally, my staff put on a fantastic tea party for mommies and their daughters. 
They ladies got to make tussy mussies, learn the "language of flowers," and go on an herbal scavenger hunt in our Victorian Garden.

Oh yeah.. one more thing.

What do you get when you mix Nutella + Bananas + Espresso?


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