Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Peanut Butter & Glee

I'm sitting here, wrapped in a blanket, propped up on some pillows watching Glee and eating natural peanut butter out of the jar with a plastic spoon.


If you want to know what real life is like? Here ya go.

One day I'm busy doing some (I can honestly say this,) some super cool things, others days I'm scratching the bottom of the peanut butter jar.

But I'm alive.

If you read my blog post before this one, you know I've got some interesting stuff going on at home. My sister found a lump. Okay, that's common, right? There were other symptoms.

So she goes to the doc. Has a mammogram, only to be called back for a special mammogram and ultrasound. They found a mass in one breast, and a nodule in the other. Biopsy ordered... etc. etc.

I don't think I need to go any further.

I can only imagine her fear. Hell, I've been there- just not there. I was clear and free past the ultrasound. (Can't say the same for my other issues, but when it came to the breasts, I was clear.)
She, my dear friends, does not seem to be in the clear.

So we wait. We test. We wait. Now it's time to expect the "next steps" conversation.

This too shall pass.

Just last night I was enjoying a fantastic party to celebrate one of the magazines I write for's 30th anniversary party. It was really quite lovely and awesome to run into so many people that I adore. My hometown is pretty special like that.

But tonight... tonight it is Glee. And Peanut Butter.

Prayer warriors - I need you to warrior up, okay?

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to be continued... said...

prayer chain in full effect! xoxox


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