Sunday, July 31, 2011

Destination: Unknown

How appropriate?

Action is Eloquence - William Shakespeare

"Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action."
  ~Walter Anderson, The Confidence Course, 1997
Oh how I wish I could blink my eyes like Jeanie in "I Dream of Jeanie" and just make everything better.  Alas, it doesn't work that way.

I am staying super positive considering the events in the past (almost 48 hours.) I stayed on task yesterday, knocking out my little "to-do" list, attempting to be the "supportive wife" (lot of good that does) - and just breathing.

I was doing fine until I decided to FINALLY check out the unemployment site. I will receive (if approved) at max of $265 a week. To say that is significantly less than what I made would be an understatement.

Translation - either find a job no later than late September, or move (somewhere) or go homeless.

I just laughed, but the truth is, those are my only options.

I talked to my parents, and believe it or not, they were sympathetic. Of course, they both agree that  someone needs to step up to the plate and take a little more responsibility than they have in the past. ;-)

I am not down. Please know that. Surprisingly I am an auto-pilot, laughing and smiling when I can. I made a long list of things I have to do this next week. It sort of gives me a sense of accomplishment. I thought I would share them with you!

Nicole's "Get It Together" to-do list:
1.  God first. I have no excuse now. I need to spend time reading the Bible, finding inspiration, and turning this over to God. In turn, I felt inspired to make this list. ;-)

2. Call the HR Director at my former job and find out when and how this severance thing works.

3. Apply for unemployment. :-(

4. Make payment arrangements with a certain Power Company. ;-)

5. Double check that I cancelled my gym membership properly (online.)

6. Meet with the Assistant News Director at the TV station I mentioned before. Just check out the possibilities.. and make a new contact all at the same time!

7. I promised to take a friend to the Train station.  (Keep my promises.)

8. Apply for whatever thing is available with my student loans to stop payment for a while.

9. Make sure all of my prescriptions are uptodate, before insurance runs out.

10. Put my Dining room suite up for sell. It's big, it's nice, and I have no choice.

11. Possibly sell the twin/guest bed.

12. Check out Angel Food Ministries. You can purchase low cost boxes of food to sustain a family of 4 for at least a couple of weeks. I figure, if nothing pulls through, may be my only choice for September. (see - thinking ahead!)

13. Use that Ross Bridge Spa gift certificate I was giving for my birthday. I think a hair cut or massage would be nice.  It's for $75 and I think it may be just what I need to feel like my old self again.

14. I am going to organize my closets (again) - but this time, truly downsize, especially if I end up having to move... somewhere.

15. Maybe download some of my cds to my laptop, and try to sell them at Coconuts. (They buy used cds.)

16. Same with the DVDs  - just sell them.

17. I did organize my bills - so I feel good about that.

18. I will make looking for a job, my job. I will check Monster, Careerbuilder, and daily. I will shoot out resumes, and track them each day.

19. Update my resume to include more social media.

20. NOW I finally have to time to study Arabic.

21. I have no excuse not to exercise for at least 1 hour each day (here at home.)

22. I went ahead and stocked up on some groceries to get me through the month. NO EATING OUT. NO EXTRA COFFEE FROM STARBUCKS.

23. I will research freelance writing options, just to pull some money in on the side. Luckily I have some contacts in town.

24. I will finally finish books that have been sitting on my desk for months collecting dust.

25. Finally, I will get to do those things, internal things, that I have needed to do for quite some time. Like focus on me. Focus on my family. Focus on my husband. Focus on my future.

The first step binds one to the second. ~French Proverb

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Visions of sugar plums dance in my head

Is it crazy for me to NOT want to push things? Not rush into the first good offer that comes along? I have chatted with a few friends, and everyone keeps telling me how hard things are out there for job seekers.

Yeah, I know folks. I've been looking for a couple of years.

Trust me, I get it.

But here is where I am - this could be my MOMENT. You know? The one where I make a REALLY smart decision.

For example, I chatted with the egyptian about the possibility of leaving Alabama. I told him, "If we are going to do it - this may be our only chance for quite some time."

At first he sort of looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language (which technically I am - when I am talking to him.) Then on our way into the Post Office to mail a friend a birthday gift, he said, "Nicole, what if we tried NYC again?" (In so many words..)

I smiled, opened the door to the P.O. and said, "EXACTLY. Let's be STRATEGIC about this."

Now, I don't necessarily want to bounce off to NYC, but I would LOVE to go ANYWHERE other than here.

If that is not to be, then so be it. Let me settle here.

But you see, nothing is holding me here. Nothing. In the past, I came here for a past love. He left. I found a better job and a better love.. now the job is gone... time to roll...

I know, I know... I am acting as if the world is my oyster, and by God.. I think it is. Call me ridiculous, call me a dreamer.. but this is the ONLY break I have ever had for 28 years. Let me THINK and not JUMP.

All of that jumping in the past did nothing but raise my blood pressure and lead to job I fell disillusioned with over time.

Hell.. it hasn't even been 30 hours yet. ;-)

PS - Peggy - the lunch is on Monday. I will let you know! ;-)

Adopting a New Attitude

I'm just not the wallowing type.

I took some time last night to stuff my face with red velvet cake, but could hardly make it through the entire piece. I tried to watch a movie, but my eyes only wanted to close. I slept, and slept hard. No crying myself to sleep, no tossing and turning.. I simply slept.

I am awake, and I am ready to tackle the day.

Good news - I am taking the egyptian this morning for his exam. It's a 2-parter in order to get his teaching certification in Alabama. Remember, he is certified in the Middle East - just not here. Say a little prayer for a good score!

I am still planning to go to my Zumba Toning class. I think it will be great for the residual stress, and I truly believe routine is going to be important for me.

More good news - I am meeting a friend of a friend (this was decided well before any of the bad stuff happened) and ironically she is the Assistant News Director at the top TV station in town. She heard about what happened and wants to talk to me about the Morning Show Producer position. Maybe......

Soooo.. who knows. Carpe Diem... I am open and willing and God is in control!

Friday, July 29, 2011

This too shall pass

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

I won't skirt around the issue, I got some bad news about 4 hours ago - I lost my job.

Yep, good old fashioned - got let go.

There is no use sugar coating it, it's what happened. I saw it coming.. b/c let's be honest - no one that works where I worked lasts too long, unless you are at a management level.

It's okay.

Really it is.

Wait.. I think I am going into P.R. mode... I am spinning it to make it look like it is a good thing. To be perfectly honest with you, I feel the way I have felt when someone tells me a loved one has died, or an old boy friend was breaking up with me...

Like your world is falling apart.. but my mind will not let me go there.

I can't even get a good cry out.

That's just how I react.  I sort of go into solutions mode.. so much so that I had 3 people within the hour offer to help me out, or introduce me to someone who might be hiring. As I was driving home from work, I called home - and it had barely been 10 minutes, my sister started asking about jobs for me. I told her, laughing - it's only been 10 minutes.

Which sort of made me laugh, because they know how I am. Solutions mode.

I know without a doubt this is a good thing in the long run. It is. I have said on numerous occasions I felt stuck. God has a way of answering prayers.

Don't feel sorry for me, but I would ask for people to pray for an answer, because at the end of the day - I have to pay for my home and car and have food to eat.  Also, if you know of a job - anywhere in the world (yes, I said world) - that I might be suited for - let me know. I might even be so bold as paste my resume on here one day. ;-)

I am not going to panic yet.

But I might sleep for a few days. ;-)

So You Think You Can Blog

The ad read, "With so many blogs out there, how can you make yours stand above the rest?"

How could I say no?

Since my blog is essentially my baby - I decided this would be one of those workshops I would attend.

Remember the writing group I joined recently? It's called "See Jane Write," and I am a member of a subgroup of bloggers called - "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pens." Tonight was our night - It was the night of bloggers!

You guys know I have been trying to take my blog more seriously, I even tried to create a strategic editorial calendar. Either way - if I write the scheduled stuff, or I write randomly - it's all stuff I WANT to write about. But I want you to know, I am listening... so I adjusted my blog a bit.

August will be 2 years with Destination:Unknown. I have well over 1,000 posts... I have stumbled, I have fallen, I have bared my soul... all in all.. it's my online journal. I love it. I write for me, and I cannot deny, I write for you.

Sooo... I go back to the original question - how to stand out?

Sorry the pic is blurry..

We had a few highly qualified bloggers share their stories. According to the paper I have the bios read:

Rachel Callahan from Grasping For Objectivity - started building an audience for her writing with her blog, as well as starting the blogging community called: Alabama Bloggers. She was recently selected as a BlogHer "Voice of the Year" honoree.

Jennifer West launched her blog, The Jen West Quest, on March 30, 2010 and has posted something every day. Because of the nature of her blog, she has worked with Health Magazine and has even appeared on the Rachel Ray show and was just on Good Morning America.

Laura Kate Whitney made a name for herself in Birmingham just a few months after arriving in the city thanks to her blog, Magic City Manifesto.  Her blog has led to opportunities locally with B Metro magazine and got the attention of skirt! magazine.

There was a very good turnout... I snuck a quick shot as it was wrapping up.
I promised to share with you guys what I learned... and I am happy to report - especially to my fellow bloggers that read and visit in the same circle I do - You are doing it all right!!

That's right, for the most part, I felt validated on what I stumbled upon!

If you are a new blogger, and sincerely want to know, here is the advice I heard (and few extras I would add... )

- There was the big debate on Word versus and Blogger. I am a blogger girl and happy with it. The ladies on the panel chose

- If you want to make money- the Google clicks were not popular. These ladies recommend selling ads ($18 - $25 per 1,000 clicks..) and/or getting a sponsor for your blog.

- Themes work for some... randomness works for others. Consistency is key

- Joining network groups is key

- Blog Hops, Link ups, etc are a good way to build your readership

- Comment and respond to comments

Honestly guys... do what you are doing now, but network the hell out of it!

At the end of the day - make a plan, network, join, write - write - write.

The biggest thing I took away was 1. I feel like I am on the right path and 2. I met some really nice people....

Until next time...

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love reading "How To" books. They always fill me with hope of a better, more positive, more organized tomorrow. However, I never finish them. The question is - Why?

The Happiness Project. I was sooo into it. Then the author lost me when she got to a chapter I simply could not relate to. I tried to push through it, but I simply watching the book collect dust on my desk. That's simply not acceptable.

Then I have the 3 book - combo of Julie Cameron's Creativity Books, beginning with the Artist's Way. I don't know how many times I have tried to read these, and I never get past the first chapter. Or The Purpose Driven Life. It only requires you to read for 40 days... I never get past day 16, believe me, I have tried the book over and over.

What is wrong with me?

I think a new goal I need to accomplish is to finish the "self help" books. I buy them, they have great advice, but I need to finish them.

I swear, I just annoy myself sometimes.

What about you? Do you ever find yourself STUCK?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things I would do if I were a man....

I got to thinking about the differences between the sexes. I'm a girl. Well, actually a woman. XX chromosome. Estrogen. Female.
As a female, I have absolutely NO idea what it is like to be a man. None whatsoever.
I can experience just about all life has to offer.....

............but I will never be a man.

Nor do I want to.

I prefer being the "fairer" sex.... it's nice to be the one that can express myself emotionally without getting strange looks from the "guys." I also can embrace any color I choose without ever being accused of being something I am not. I can wear both pants or dresses... basically, the world is my oyster.

BUT.... if I WERE a man... what would I do?

1. I am not going to lie, the first thing I would do as a guy is get a nice ride. If I had the means, I would buy a black jaguar. It's smooth, sleek, and is understated class.

No - it's not important for men to have expensive cars - but it does say a lot when it is a classy, understated car.

2.  Next, I think I would get the best BBQ Grill. I think every man should be a grill master - and of course, if I were a man - I would be one.

Every Saturday I would whip up something mouthwatering!

3.  I also believe every man should have one really nice watch. As women, we get to sport diamonds and pearls and a million other accessories. If I was a man, I would invest in one super-nice watch.
4. I would instill the "bad boy" charm of Enrique Iglesias. Very European, very charming, but keeping everyone on their toes. ;-)

5.  I would only smoke the finest cigars. That would be my one little vice. I would gather with the guys and sit and discuss politics.. and what not. (I am sure the what not would be women.. but.. I just can't take it there.... )

6.  I would be as suave as Colin Firth. (The perfect Mr. Darcy.) A quiet intellect... yet very witty.

7.  I would keep a messy little hairstyle like Jude Law. Nice enough to look pulled together, but tussled enough to send the message, "I just don't care."

8.  No doubt, I think a well groomed man is sexy. Sooo.. I would take very good care of my skin... and YES.. I would be straight. ;-)
9.  I would instill that rugged playfulness like Matthew McConnaughey. Work up a sweat each day... just that natural "manliness..."

10. I would make a point to have a decent wardrobe. One to look casual, and dress it up a bit.  I would always remain classic, yet sexy! ;-)

I would make a point to be well spoken and intellectual like Matt Damon...

12. I would eat nachos without feeling guilty.

13.  I would be a jet-setter... traveling for the love of culture. (YES - I would be straight.)

14.  If men are into beer, then I would be a beer connoisseur

15.  I would make a point to learn French, Italian and basic Spanish..

16. Finally, I would always exude masculinity, yet a hint of mystery.. like Henry Cavill.

Then  I would also be ... just sensitive enough....

Finally - since I am me... but a boy.... I would have my dark hair and blue eyes... just like Jake Gyllenhaal.

At the end of the day - this is just a joke... and when I really think about it, I think I just described MY perfect guy... just suave enough, just smart enough, just worldly enough.. and just bad enough to keep my attention.

I guess I got him! :-)

Instead... I will settle for who I am:

Hope you got the humor in this one!

Worry Wart

Worry Dolls
Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which will never happen. ~James Russel Lowell
I can be a little of a worry wart. I will fret and over think numerous little stressors daily. I always wonder, "Am I the only one?"

I am always contemplating tomorrow - Will things be okay? Will I have enough money? Will my health, and the health of those I love be okay? I could go on and on....

Some of the worries are normal and I have to say.. a little rational. I have watched friends and families over the years deal with a myriad of crisis. But at the end of the day, it's how we react to it.

Yesterday I was chatting with my father. He is typically not a "talk on the phone" type of guy. But my sister and Autumn had taken off to go to Tae Kwon Do and my Mom was at the Gallery.. and he was just relaxing on Netflix. (I gave him my password.) ;-)  While conversing he told me that the day before, he had gone outside the pressure wash the side of the house. Apparently a hole in the ground full of hornets were disturbed and the whole lot of them came after him. He was stung well over 12 times. He said that the night before he had a hard time sleeping, because he was in pain.

I told him how I felt bad for him, sort of did that "I feel sorry for you chuckle" and that was that. Then I jokingly commented on his acquiring poison ivy just a few weeks before. The rash had spread in places you just don't want. He then got a little serious and explained to me that after the rash left, he was a little concerned about something else. Something the doctor is sending him to a specialist for.

He believes he might have testicular cancer.

I went straight into my "Wonder Woman" speech about, of all cancers as a man, that's the one you want. It's a snip snip and all will be well. He sort of nervously laughed. I reminded him about my surgery and how things caught early can make a big difference.

After the call, I went into the living room and interrupted my husband chatting on line, to explain what my father had revealed to me. He of course, stopped - reassured me - and said we would make a point to visit home together soon.

Then I went about my business.

Finally the egyptian went out with friends, and I had some time alone. I did what I normally do - I listened to my Ipod and danced around the house, nibbled on some cheese and olives.. then it hit me. All of the things that are bothering me.

I was alone. I was in a safe place. I began to pray to God.

I am worried about my own health. I always feel like I could do more.
I am worried about what the future holds.
I am worried about needing a more supportive circle in my life.
I am worried about aging.
I am worried about having enough to pay my bills.
I am worried about my family abroad.
I am worried about Autumn getting a proper childhood.
I am worried about never achieving my dreams.
I am worried about whether my relationship with the egyptian will ever heal.
I am worried about dying alone.
I am worried.. now.. about losing my father too soon.

Oh.. I just worry. Worry. Worry. Worry.

The good news is, I can turn it off. I can walk away from the worry. But I will be honest, when I am alone, and have time to think - the tears and worry surface.

What about you? Are you are worry wart? What type of things do you worry about?

If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today. ~E. Joseph Cossman

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I got a positive head nod!!!!!

Ooooh..... excitement mixed with large doses of caffeine is inspiring this blog post!!!
*insert geeky squeal*

I think... I might... have talked... the egyptian.. into.. a weekend... in DC!

Okay, I am sure you guys just rolled your eyes. But you simply MUST understand - DC is MY city. You know how he dreams and pines for NYC? DC is my NYC! Always has been.

I heart history and politics and journalism and the mid-atlantic. It's far enough north to get a real winter, but close enough to the south to experience a beautiful spring.

Ahhh... DC.

Our first wedding anniversary is Nov. 17th. The Islamic one. We will have been married 4 years. As we were driving home, I asked him, "Hey.. I was thinking... what if we spent a long weekend in DC for our anniversary?" He nodded and smiled. Trust me - that's a good thing!

See, the costs of hotels in DC are much cheaper in the fall. Since this would be his first trip, all of the museums are free.. and there is TONS to do. I think he will be blown away! How can you immigrate to America and not pay respects to our nation's capital? ;-)

I have something to plan! As long as my personal financial situation/job situation does not change... all should be well! We could even fly up - bang out a Saturday and fly back, if we had to!

I am just giddy with anticipation!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nicole's Passion - Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

"What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly - that is the first law of nature." ~Voltaire

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to write a blog post about Muslims. A really nice person from reached out to me, directed me to a PSA they had produced, and asked me to share my thoughts.

I waited... mostly because I was tired. I have been battling misconceptions about Muslims for so long. I felt like my voice was not strong enough. Plus, who am I to share my thoughts about Islam and those who worship accordingly? Aren't I the same woman who has told her husband multiple times why I would not convert? Isn't this the same blog that deals with the cultural nuances on a daily basis?
You see - I am married to a Muslim. He is from Egypt. He just moved to the states 2 years ago. The multi-cultural home is still in flux.

Luckily, he has been in my life for almost 5 years. I have a learned a lot in 5 years time. I have also had the privilege (prior to meeting the egyptian) to have lived with a young woman from Northern Iraq, who was also a Muslim, for over a year.

My beautiful Mother-in-law and my dear Egyptian.

My mother-in-law is a Muslim. My father-in-law is a Muslim. My brothers-in-law as well as sisters-in-law are all Muslim. Many, many of my friends are Muslim.

I am Christian. Roman Catholic. I live in the southeastern United States.
I am very opinionated and I tend to tell it like I see it. Here's the thing - I won't deny, some stereotypes are real.

Muslim men do expect to be the head of their homes. As do men who are Southern Baptist. 

Muslim women do dress modestly (as do some Pentecostal women,) some choose to cover their faces and hands. 

They do not believe Jesus is the Son of God, but they do believe he was born of a virgin and is a Messenger of God. They also believe he will be the one to return on judgment day (as do Christians.)

Muslim men expect their wives to submit to them. And typically, the women do. (The same thing that is written in every religion.)

Islam translates to  "Submission to God." God comes first in most Muslim's lives, and family follows second. (As do most other religious groups.)

Allah, Yahweh and God ARE THE SAME. One God - Three Faiths, each recognize Moses, & Jesus. However, Muslims believe that the Qu'ran is the third and final testament from God.

These are just a few basic facts.
If you have been following my blog - you know that some of these topics are issues my husband and I deal with. We are learning the cultural ins and outs and we are bridging the gaps... slowly... but surely.

I need you to watch this PSA, the organization asked me to take a look at. Trust me, it will be worth your time.

Here's the thing, after what recently happened in Norway - I started reading a ton of nonsense on FB. Quotes from friends and friends of friends. Bashing Muslims, making derogatory statements about an entire group of people.

The thing is - it's not right. No matter how you slice it, no matter what archaic ideas you hold, these people are not all terrorists. Sure, you may not agree with their faith, sure you may not agree with their lifestyle or dress code... at the end of the day - the venom coming out of people's mouths frighten me more than anything a Muslim could ever say or do to me. 

There are extremist in every religion, political affiliation, etc. Remember the Tea Party members wishing Obama dead? That's a little scary. I've been cornered by Fundamentalist - informing me that I will not go to heaven because I am a Catholic. There is hate in every group. I've even heard other Catholics bash Protestants. African Americans who look down on Hispanics. Welfare recipients looking down on illegal aliens. Hate is hate is hate.

People are people. Take a moment and try to get to know someone who is different than you. Don't judge an entire group based on a few loose cannons. For centuries, people have fought and killed based on religion. This is NOT something new.

Take a look at your own lives. How are you living? How would someone from the Middle East view your life, based on what they believe? Try to put yourself in someone else's place. Then educate yourself. Then speak with love. Pray and learn to forgive, and educate others.

It hurts to see people  I know, people I care about.. sneak a few comments and statements in a public forum. What's even worse, knowing they say even more behind closed doors.

I only wish I did not hold one prejudice. That is the prejudice against other people who hold prejudice.

"Our thoughts are unseen hands shaping the people we meet. Whatever we truly think them to be, that's what they'll become for us." ~Richard Cowper

Real Housewives + Diet Coke = Girl Time

Monday night. Nothing special. Just a little diet coke and The Real Housewives of NYC.

I know that I typically wait until Friday to state what I have learned, but man... these past couple of days has taught me a lot.

1. Yuma, Arizona - De Forest Wisconsin, and other random places do not sound so bad.

2. It's not just me. There is dissension in the ranks.

3. I might need to invest in more moisturizer. I SWEAR I have found more wrinkles.

4. I still can't decide- cut my hair or not cut my hair. PLEASE give me your opinion.

Shorter -

Or Longer? -

I am thinking shorter. Grrr... decisions..

5. It has taken me 6 years to make the decision to join Costco. Seriously... I am slooooow at making decisions.

6. I think I want to spend my next wedding anniversary in DC. I wonder if I can talk the egyptian into it.

7. I wonder if the egyptian will ever just chill out?

And that's all I've got.

Yep.. just random thoughts on a Monday night. Thanks for hanging in there with me! ;-)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ipod Shuffle

Ever done one of these surveys? You grab your ipod - hit shuffle and answer the questions per song. It's hilarious. Kinda like a Mad Lib by Ipod. ;-) You get a good laugh, and a sneak peek into my music collection!

If you are unfamiliar with the songs - I provided a link over each - click and you can hear! :-) Some of these made no sense..  but it's fun to do when you are bored, share music.. and well.. it's good for a few laughs.

This song describes my childhood.  -  I Feel Love - Donna Summer
This song describes my first kiss. -  More Than Yesterday - Diana Ross
This song describes the relationship with my parents. - Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees
This song describes the most tragic event in my life. - Don't Worry - Playing for a Change ( hahahahahahahaa )
This song describes my first job. - Love to Love you Baby - Donna Summer
This song describes my last birthday. - Let It Be - The Beatles (hahahaha)
This song describes this school year. - Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce
This song describes last summer. - Close My Eyes Forever - Lita Ford
This song describes my wedding.- Beer in Mexico - Kenny Chesney
This song describes my best friend. - All Mixed Up - 311 (hahhahaaa)
This song describes what I'm doing this weekend. - It's a Man's World - James Brown
This song describes my favorite year. - Here I am, Lord - Dan Shute
This song describes my first love. - Fighter - Christina Aguilera
The song describes my sibling(s). - Full Moon - The Black Ghosts
This song describes my lifestyle. - Imma Be - The Black Eyed Peas
This song describes my first time. - Sing Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - Liza Minelli
This song describes how I feel about school. - Raise Your Glass - Pink
This song describes my future. - Bella (She's All I ever Had) - Ricky Martin
This song describes how I'm feeling today. - Show Me How You Burlesque - Christina Aguilera
This song describes the thoughts in my head. - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder
This song describes my most recent success. - How You Like Me Now - The Heavy (hahahahaa)
This song describes my most recent ex. - Hard To Say I'm Sorry - Chicago
This song describes what I want in life. - Three Little Birds - Playing For a Change
This song describes what kind of secrets I have. - I Am Woman - (Sex & The City Version)
This song describes my funeral. - Not Afraid - Eminem (hahhahaa)
This song describes how I'm going to die. - LoveGame - Lady Gaga (Lord have mercy.. isn't it the truth? LOL)
This song describes the happiest moment of my life. - HillBilly Bone - Blake Shelton (hahhahahaaa)
This song describes the best day ever. - All 4 Love - Color Me Bad (hahha - laughing at the song.. )
The song describes the worst I've ever felt. - No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems - Kenny Chesney
This song describes my worst heart break. - Auld Lang Syne - Dave Francis & Mairi Cambell
This song describes what I look like. - Oriental Uno - Beats Antique (hahahaa)
This song describes my hobbies. - Claire de Lune - The APM Orchestra
This song describes my feelings towards my first ex. - Last Dance - Donna Summer
This song describes how this month will go. - Paris (Ooh la la) - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

If you choose to do this - link your post in the comment section!

Nicole's Zen Moment - Beauty

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God's handwriting - a wayside sacrament. Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every fair flower, and thank God for it as a cup of blessing." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I could state the obvious things - like a sunset, a perfect smile, a diamond ring... these things are, without a doubt, beautiful. But there are more ~ tons more!

Just a few minutes ago I walked by the TV in my bedroom and lit a small candle. It's a white votive that smells like the ocean. After it was lit, I stood there, just admiring the frosted candle,watching the little flame flicker about.

And it struck me.... I find ZEN moments in beauty.

This post will include some of the things in this world that actually cause me pause, change the tone of my voice, and take a breath. I always stop and say, "I loooooove_____. Isn't it beautiful?"

1. White Peacock.
The first time I ever saw one was back in 2004. My Colombian exchange student and I were visiting the Fountain of Youth and original site where Ponce de Leon landed in America. I remember walking through the gardens and lo and behold - there she (or he) was ~ a beautiful white peacock. It immediately reminded me of a bride on her wedding day. So beautiful, so elegant. A treasure for sure. I have always said, if I ever had my own little home out in the country, I would invest in a few peacocks.

2. A Chandelier
Ever since I was a child, I would marvel at chandeliers. Since I would perform often, I remember being in awe of the brilliant lighting fixtures in the different play houses or opera houses. I always said as a child, that wanted a magnificent chandelier in my home when I became an adult. Maybe one day I will have a big formal dining room with my brilliant light fixture.

3. A fainting couch

Forever, and as long as I can remember - I thought a fainting couch was just too feminine. I love the style, the curves, everything it stands for. Every time I see one, I light up and think - OOOh.. how I would love to own one.

4.Tree covered in fairy lights.

Okay, okay.. so they aren't fairy lights, but that's what I call the twinkle lights. My eyes are dazzled near the holidays when I see these. I love to head down little streets where all of the trees are wrapped in lights. It's like a magical fairy land! I want to suddenly spin around with my arms above singing Christmas carols.

Anytime I see the sea, I am mesmerized. The sound, the smell, the endless view ~ the water twinkling with swirls of aqua... I am always silenced when in the presence of a beautiful sea.

A String of pearls. So dainty, so delicate, so feminine... just beautiful. You can NEVER go wrong with pearls.

A beautiful wedding cake. Even if I frown on some things, I am always delighted when I see a beautiful wedding cake. It's just sooo.. well.. pretty.

Cotton Candy is one of the prettiest yummy treats a girl can get. It's soft, billowy, and .. well.. pretty. I always smile when I see cotton candy.

A perfect cupcake. Enough to have women driving all over town for the dainty delectable.

A simple white candle burning. It's what inspired this blog post.

A ballerina.

A perfect french manicure

Stemware - glassware. When I enter a store, I just stand in awe. I am not sure why, I love glass.

A Crystal Brooch. I admire brooches. I simply do not wear them enough.



This very view in Greece

Fluffy white kittens with bright blue eyes

Cherry blossom trees -with their delicate pink blossoms..

Wedding gowns. Maybe it is the princess mentality.. but I love love love bridal magazines. The dresses are just gorgeous.

This looks very similar to the very bed I am sleeping on. I LOVE white beds.

Finally - white roses. Soooooo pure, soooo elegant, soooo beautiful.

What about you? Name 3 - 5things you find beautiful.


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